Michigan City High School Band Students Earn Medals at District, State Contests

MCHS-Band-Students-Earn-Medals-at-District-State-ContestsOn Saturday, February 3, 20 Michigan City High School band students traveled to Kankakee Valley Middle School in Wheatfield, Indiana, to compete at the Indiana State School Music Association (ISSMA) District Solo and Ensemble Contest.

Freshmen Mia Taylor (clarinet), Jessica Wilhelm (clarinet), Gwyneth Sardon (clarinet), Korah DeLeon (tenor saxophone), and Jada Majied (alto saxophone) performed solos and received Gold ratings.

Freshmen William Mansfield (tuba) and Josh Wilhelm (trombone) performed solos and received Silver ratings. Freshmen Delaina Adams (flute) and Erica Galindo (clarinet) performed solos and received Bronze ratings.

Sophomores Anna-Lisse Lenard (flute) and Halie Lewis (flute) performed solos and received Silver ratings. Junior Trinity Clayton (flute) performed a solo and receive a Gold rating. Junior Elizabeth Klinger (baritone) performed a solo and received a Silver rating.

A Brass Quintet composed of students Zoie Zaknoun, Parker Gouge, Courtney Hart, William Mansfield, and Andre Williams received a Gold rating at the District competition. A Flute Trio composed of students Halie Lewis, Trinity Clayton, and Anna-Lisse Lenard received a Silver rating at the District competition. A Brass Quartet composed of students Scott Downs, Adam Howard, Elizabeth Klinger, and James Smith received a Bronze rating at the District competition.

Sophomore Adam Howard performed a trumpet solo in Group I at the District competition and received a Gold rating. Because he received a gold medal on music of the highest difficulty rating, he advanced to the State Solo and Ensemble Competition in Indianapolis on February 24, where he also received a Gold rating.