Michigan City Has Big Plans for 2018

By: Dyandra Morris Last Updated: March 21, 2018

edcmcThe Economic Development Corporation of Michigan City (EDCMC) has some major projects confirmed for the energetic city on the lake.

With the Create, Play, Repeat campaign, as well as the $1 Billion+ in combined government and private projects over 5 years, it is obvious that the EDCMC and the city are working very close together to keep on the same page with all these amazing projects and growth happening. These changes are consistent throughout the city; east to west and north to south (see map image).

The EDCMC is working to build a sustainable community and create sustainable jobs, with a great quality of life for residences and visitors. This also means they are working to improve the downtown and residential areas. For the commercial district of the city, there is a search for key vendors that will be looking here to build. For example, a sports store, technology vendors, and others looking to invest in our region and not be secluded to Chicago.

One of the most significant projects of the year ahead is the annexation of 500 acres for 2 new business parks and multifamily homes. All of this work will have the city looking for strong developers looking to do great work in Michigan City.

michigan-city-has-big-plans-for-2018 Another important portion of their work is to execute the vision of the Employer Research Network (ERN). The ERN will consist of “a team that will research why people aren’t keeping or cannot keep jobs and will make certain that people are tapping into the right resources,” stated Clarence Hulse, Executive Director of the Economic Development of Michigan City.

With all of these plans, the Economic Development Corporation of Michigan City will need to continue to partner with many different groups within the area to be a full success, and they are doing just that. Hulse mentioned the importance of these partnerships shouting out the Michigan City Public Schools as being a great partner by “providing great support and really working to make a change. Our schools have one of the best Japanese programs available. Over the last 5 years they have been working a lot with STEM programs, all schools are wired to Wi-Fi and have a 1 to 1 tablet to student ratio. The Promise Scholarship is also being used for all/any types of higher education including trades schools and colleges.”

Hulse and his team have another great partner in The City itself, including Police, Fire, Redevelopment Commission, Planning Department, and the City Council. Everyone is very involved.

“Same for the local nonprofits”, Hulse explained. “The Unity Foundation and the United Way both assist in all we do and making Michigan City a better place. Same for WorkOne and many others.”