Two Day Adoption Policy Enforced at Michiana Humane Society

Michiana-Humane-It-Happened-AgainIt happened again. A nice family came in to look for a new pet. They played with the puppies and kittens, and finally they made a choice. As they filled out the paperwork, they were told that we would check out their information and they should call the next day to see if they had been approved.

The children cried. Mom tried to persuade us. "We own our own home. We're good pet owners." But the Michiana Humane Society has a two day adoption policy.

This morning we have a message from Mom. "We changed our minds. A new pet would be too much right now." It happens all the time.

Sometimes the two day adoption policy frustrates people, but it exists for a reason. Imagine if a pet goes home for a day or two and then is brought back to the shelter because it's "too much right now." That animal's heart is broken. That animal might bring a virus or parasites back into the shelter. That animal missed being adopted by the next person who came into the shelter.

The good news is that even with adoptions falling through, our placement rate is up this year. And we are committed to improving a little bit every day.

Thank you for giving your pets loving homes.