Michiana Humane Society: A Big Finish to the Summer

Michiana-Humane-Society-A-Big-Finish-to-the-SummerSmall Steps Make a Big Difference
In Sonya's world, every person and dog was dangerous. Fear drove her to lash out, try to keep others away.

MHS staff worked with her all summer, helping her to learn to trust again. "Again" because puppies have no reason to distrust people and dogs. Someone taught her to fear dogs and people.

We hope to find a good home for Sonya soon. Her wounds are healed, her heart is ready to love. She looks forward to her three daily walks and enjoys attention from her MHS friends now.

Because of her past mistreatment, we would prefer to adopt her to experienced owners with a single-dog household. But it is important that she get out of the shelter and into a family.

Do you know anyone who might give Sonya the second chance she dearly wants?