Meet Our Newest Lifers!

By: Caitlin Vanlaningham Last Updated: February 20, 2015

So as many of you know, we've added some new people to our Life staff; six awesome individuals with their own unique set of abilities that will help us bring the good news vibe in bigger and better ways than we could ever imagine.

If you take a look to the nifty photo collage on the right (created by new Lady Lifer, Gina) you'll see the veterans and some new faces. We want to always put our best into everything we do and sometimes that means getting help from one of our great partners. These photos in the collage as well as the photos below were taken by the talented Brad Cavanaugh, owner of Air One Photography. We figure if you're going to do something, do it right. And Brad does it right every time.

Here are our six new Life Team Members. Click a picture to view a Lifer bio!


Pam Antonetti

Pam joined the Ideas In Motion Media team in August of 2014 as a member of the Event Coverage Staff. She currently has the pleasure of working with the best team of photojournalists in Northwest Indiana serving as the Team Development Manager, and manages the Life In The Spotlight and NWI #1 Student Series for the company.

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Gina Cullen

Gina is originally a Florida native, where she lived with her mom, dad, and little brother for 15 years. She has always been attached to art ever since she was a small child, but in her freshman year of high-school, she discovered the Adobe Creative suite, and subsequently, the world of graphic design. During those years, she spent nearly all her free time teaching herself Photoshop, HTML, and learning the tools of the trade for becoming a graphic designer. Her dedication and passion eventually paid off, as she became an Adobe Certified Associate at just 17 and moved onto college shortly after.

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Tate Kwiecinski

Tate is a software developer focused on the web. He has a passion for design and appreciates every pixel. When he is not busy programming in his dark hole, he either grabs his camera and explores the depths of urban art or picks up his guitar and plays some tunes.

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Kyle Hovanec

Kyle attended Ball State University and majored in Magazine Journalism with a minor in Digital Storytelling. It was after his university career that he spent three years living abroad and working in both Japan and South Korea as a teacher, writer and global media marketer. Upon returning back to the US, Kyle has found his way to Ideas in Motion Media where he will be working as a contributing editor to ensure that the stories, ideas and events are promoted to the Northwest Indiana Community.

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Steve Neville

After working as a Technology Director and Social Media Manager, Steve made the move to NWI and has immersed himself into learning everything he can about “The Region” and telling and sharing the stories about the unique communities that make it up.

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Cortney Robinson

Cortney Rose Robinson was born and raised in Northwest Indiana. She attended Purdue Calumet on a basketball scholarship and graduated in 2012. After graduating college with BA in Business, she has always wanted to work for a company where she has the ability to work clients daily. Cortney is a huge people person and loves to meet new people.

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