Medical Lab Technician Program Highlight -University of Saint Francis Crown Point

Medical Lab Technician Program Highlight  -University of Saint Francis Crown Point
By: Mandy Haack Last Updated: August 1, 2019

The growing field of healthcare requires many types of professionals beyond doctors and nurses. One highly in-demand role is Medical Lab Technician (MLT).

“The face of healthcare is usually a doctor or nurse, but there are so many other ways you can work in the field,” said Julie Gardner, University of Saint Francis Crown Point’s Medical Lab Technician.

MLTs are lab professionals that work in a clinical lab setting identifying patient samples and doing analysis on them. MLTs have a variety of duties, including examining the results of blood work and relaying information from detailed testing on patients, such as glucose or complex cancer tests. 

“Being an MLT is a wonderful way to help the patient,” Gardner said. “It’s different because you never see a patient, but what I do affects them every day.”

The MLT program at the University of Saint Francis Crown Point prepares students for certification in different areas in the clinical lab. The program covers several courses that include: 

Blood bank

All hospitals have blood on site for those who may need it. It’s the MLT’s job to ensure the proper blood is being delivered, matches the patient and ensures the preparation for a successful blood transfusion.


This is the analyzation of the cells in blood. MLTs conduct complete blood count tests (CBCs) to make sure each patient is regulated. They test hemoglobin levels and can identify the states of cell types, such as leukemia or lymphoma. 


This includes analyzing and having an in-depth understanding of various bacteria or viruses that cause illness. 

Urine Analysis

MLTs analyze urine to detect a variety of diseases that can pose issues. 

The USF Crown Point MLT associate degree is a two-year curriculum which prepares students with a strong science and healthcare background alongside hands-on experience in the lab. After completing the National American Society for Clinical Pathology certification exam, students are ready to launch their laboratory career. View the curriculum here. 

The MLT program is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences. 

Gardner noted that the demand for MLTs is at an all-time high and there is still time to apply, as USF Crown Point is still accepting applicants. 

“I really believe the shortage is because people are unaware this is a profession,” Gardner said. 

“There are so many routes to take in healthcare, and this profession is so in demand. It’s extremely rewarding.”

USF Crown Point is a private university that offers hands-on learning with smaller sized classes.

USF Crown Point has a 100% employment rate for MLT students within three months of graduation. Many have positions lined up before graduation.

If you are interested in starting a career in healthcare, or want to learn more about the Medical Lab Technician program at University of Saint Francis Crown Point, visit the website.