MCAS Arbor Day with The Arbors

By: Michigan City Area Schools Last Updated: May 1, 2017

MCAS-Arbor-Day-with-The-Arbors-2017_01 Staff and residents of Aperion Care (Arbors Michigan City) stopped by Joy Elementary School today with two special springtime gifts: flowering crabapple and pear trees to donate to the school.

“We wanted to donate trees in celebration of Arbor Day,” said executive director Tara Trevino. “Joy is so close to our facility, and we felt it was a perfect location. We can’t wait to watch them grow and change with the seasons.”

MCAS-Arbor-Day-with-The-Arbors-2017_02 Fourth, fifth and sixth graders from the multi-age GT (gifted and talented) class at Joy helped Aperion staffers plant the crabapple near the front entrance of the building. GT teacher Denise Yackus said the students had researched both tree planting and the history of Arbor Day to prepare for the event. They shared facts about what they learned with residents as the planting took place.

“We would love to partner with this class on other types of projects,” said Trevino, who brought informational packets about the trees for each student. “Today is just the beginning.”

MCAS-Arbor-Day-with-The-Arbors-2017_03 Joy principal Lisa Suter said the second tree donated by Aperion, a flowering pear, would be planted on the west side of the school to help shade the playground.