Marquette Catholic High School to Attend Human Rights Global Summit in Europe

Marquette-CatholicOn June 18, 2016 Marquette Catholic High School’s Principal, Mr. James White, will again be traveling to Europe with Marquette students to attend the Global Student Leaders Summit - Exploring Human Rights. They will be experiencing Munich, Nuremburg, Cologne, The Hague and Amsterdam.

This professional development experience will bring together more than 2,000 people to discuss human rights. The delegation will, ultimately, convene in The Hague for the Summit where they will hear from world-renowned experts and speakers. Student will get acquainted with The Hague, the “City of International Peace and Justice.” The leadership conference begins as the delegation connects with students from all over the world in this inspiring and innovative setting.

They will use the design thinking process while collaborating with peers in small international teams to develop local solutions to today’s human rights challenges and be inspired to take action back home. The conference culminates with the Innovation Village, a showcase of student work where ideas are shared and celebrated.

The itinerary will introduce the delegation to Europe through hands-on learning experiences and authentic connections to locals. Through immersive travel, thought leadership, design thinking and online learning, those involved will see different perspectives on human rights challenges. Utilizing weShare, the group can reflect on what was learned globally and use it to impact change locally.

Mr. White states, “Marquette’s Global Studies program is not just about students from other countries studying at Marquette. It’s about placing all of our students in experiences that will educate them in a way that cannot be done in a traditional classroom. To truly make the world your classroom you have to step out into it and experience it – talk about it and share it. In order to change the world, we have to be part of it.”