Marquette Catholic High School Student to be Featured Artist at Urban Soles in the Uptown Arts District

By: Marquette Catholic High School Last Updated: March 24, 2015

mqt-artists-lukeTimothy “Luke” Cloninger is currently a high school senior attending Marquette Catholic, here in Michigan City. Making and thinking about art takes up a great deal of his time. Outside of school, Luke is part of the Michigan City Robotics Team and he also volunteers. For college, Luke plans to attend the Rose-Hulman Technical Institute in Terre Haute. He would like to apply his love for math and design as a mechanical engineer.

This exhibit is a showcase of his two major ceramic series: Ghosts and Aliens. Luke spent most of his art classes working on these pieces. He tried to envision the colors and shapes spirits might have as well as extraterrestrial creatures.

Luke enjoys making geometry part his work, and prides himself on the smooth texture and symmetry of his sculptures. As he worked on these creatures, Luke tried to portray shapes and figures that are rarely seen on this earth. The result was a strange geometry that inspired the title of this exhibit: Geometric Misfits.