Marquette Catholic High School Secures $10,000 Dr. Scholl Foundation Grant

By: Marquette Catholic High School Last Updated: November 11, 2015

marquette-hs-graduation-2014Marquette Catholic High School receives a $10,000.00 Dr. Scholl Foundation Grant to initiate a variety of technical upgrades on campus. The grant will be one of many sources of revenue considered in funding mobile laptop carts, desktop computers, new servers, an upgrade in campus Wi-Fi, teacher presentation units and technological development and support. The monetary award is scheduled to be delivered to the school in late December.

Dani Haydell, Director of Development at Marquette states, "We have been blessed to be in partnership with the Dr. Scholl Foundation. Their generosity has routinely assisted Marquette in advancing its strategic planning and mission." The funds will contribute to our overall technology capacity at Marquette. Marquette's recently drafted strategic plan, "Leading the Future of Catholic Education," articulates a vision in teaching and learning that requires upgrades in current technological resources.

The Dr. Scholl Foundation is a not-for-profit organization committed to improving our world. The Foundation was established by William M. Scholl, M.D., in 1947. It is a private, independent grant-making foundation for charitable purposes. Marquette has received over $50,000.00 in previous grants awarded by the Dr. Scholl Foundation.