Mammography Services Now Open in Michigan City, Free Mammograms Available for Qualifying Patients

By: La Porte Hospital Last Updated: November 28, 2018

mammography-services-now-open-in-michigan-city-free-mammograms-available-for-qualifying-patients The LifeWorks Building of La Porte Hospital in Michigan City is now offering 3D mammography services as part of the hospital’s full-scale initiative to improve access to care. The new mammogram service comprises leading-edge 3D technology, and offers women a new, convenient option for annual screening.

“The mammography services available at LifeWorks are an extension of La Porte Hospital’s nationally-recognized Women’s Imaging Center, which is a Breast Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology. Annual mammography screening is the gold standard for early detection, which can dramatically improve treatment outcomes if cancer is detected,” said Matt Shebel, director of diagnostic imaging for La Porte Hospital.

The hospital is scheduling mammograms at LifeWorks now, and the first exams will start on Nov. 28. Call toll free (844) 865-7459.

A 3D mammogram, also called tomosynthesis, is performed nearly the same way as a conventional exam. But, after the technologist takes X-ray images of the breast, a computer produces images of the breast tissue in one-millimeter slices. These detailed images provide the radiologist who interprets the exam with a more precise view of the breast tissue layers, enabling them to see abnormalities that might not show on a conventional exam. The 3D images also reduce the chance that a patient will need to come back for a “second look,” because the images are clearer. And, that extra clarity also makes 3D mammography a useful tool for women with dense breast tissue.

LifeWorks is also the only facility in Michigan City offering free mammograms for qualifying patients who are uninsured or unable to afford their annual screening or a diagnostic test through a grant secured from the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte from the Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust. The vouchers cover screening or diagnostic mammograms, and many additional diagnostic procedures that may be needed if a mammogram shows suspicious areas. Ask your family doctor for a mammogram voucher or visit the Healthcare Foundation of La Porte’s website at for more information.