Love of Albano’s Villa pizza spans generations and the Region

Love of Albano’s Villa pizza spans generations and the Region

Albano’s Villa is well-known throughout Northwest Indiana for their quality pizza and high-spirited staff. The community is crazy about this place formany great reasons, some of which they’ve shared via social media. 

“I was born and raised in Michigan City and La Porte. My dad would take us here on the weekends we would stay with him. Out of all the pizza places I’ve ever tried, I always come back to Albano’s as my favorite! I have never had a bad pizza from them and doubt I ever will,” said Ron Smith.

Cheryl Taylor Helton echoed that sentiment.

“I was born in Michigan City and remember eating there as a kid. I’m 60 now and we still come back there just to eat pizza and go to the zoo. My brother and sister-in-law come back several times a year just to eat your pizza! We love Albano’s!” she said.

Friday nights seem to be the most popular pizza night for most families – then and now.

“Albano’s was our Friday night treat as kids. Mom and Dad would always get pizza, tacos, and Italian beef sandwiches from the restaurant!” said Jennie Phillips.

Alternatively, for some, Albano’s is a new discovery—and a place to celebrate.

“Five years ago, while on a weekend getaway before getting the results of a PET scan, my husband and I stumbled across Albano’s. We fell in love! Welive in Elkhart so we don’t make it out as often as I’d like. But five years later, the scans remain stable and we come to Albano’s to celebrate,” said Teresa Young McLain.

Between their pizza topping selection, various other offerings like Italian beef sandwiches and salads, and friendly atmosphere, there’s something for everyone to love at Albano’s.

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