Love in the Air as LHS Student Council Visits La Porte County Home

By: Paige Pope Last Updated: February 14, 2013

Love is in the air! The day before Valentine’s Day, La Porte High School’s Student Council celebrated the day of love with residents from the La Porte County Home. It was all red and pink at the celebration and full of fantastic goodies. The council members each brought a special treat to share, ranging from the healthy fruit tray to the holiday-appropriate cupcakes, and also revisited a childhood classic. Each member was asked to prepare a valentine for the county home members, something many students had not done since grade school. The valentines smattered with images of puppies or cartoon characters brought a smile to all the residents’ faces.

“This was such a heartwarming experience. I loved classically celebrating the holiday and brightening someone else’s day,” council member Danielle Plank said.

The Student Council members and County Home residents are no strangers to each other. The two groups meet first in December for a holiday celebration and again in January for bingo.

“We will continue to visit the residents. The next visit will be bingo and then an end of the year party. I plan to continue Student Council’s visits into next year,” club sponsor Erica White said.

The goal is to meet each month and develop relationships and memories.

“We chose to visit the County Home because beyond Christmas they can often be forgotten. They deserve attention all year,” White said.

This is exactly what occurred at the Valentine’s gathering. After the cards were doled and the food distributed, the students and residents socialized and caught up.

“Overall this event went very well. Everyone truly seemed to enjoy it,” White said.

On top of the community outreach, the club also manages La Porte High School’s homecoming, Fall Ball and other various events. The students on the council hold weekly meetings and must be elected by their peers.