Lifers Enjoy Breakfast at The Game in Blue Chip Casino

Lifers Enjoy Breakfast at The Game in Blue Chip Casino
By: Jennifer Bissonnette Last Updated: March 6, 2018

The Game at Blue Chip Casino has something new and exciting for anyone looking for a hot, fresh breakfast in the morning. Beginning in early February, they began serving their delicious breakfast entrees made to order, and the results have been fantastic.

The Life crew took advantage of the new breakfast offerings and hosted a staff meeting on-site to experience the breakfast for themselves. The morning did not disappoint, and the Lifers had some positive things to say about the experience.

“The breakfast at The Game is incredible. I love being able to choose my favorite items from the menu and get a hot, delicious, fresh breakfast,” explained Jenny Craig-Brown, Executive Team Leader. “I loved the Blue Chip "Bennies", a fantastic Blue Chip take on eggs benedict. I will be back soon for certain!”

“Breakfast is always an important part of the day to enjoy and with great breakfast options from Blue Chip Casino, you can’t go wrong. My breakfast there was the 4 Deuces, which is 2 Eggs, 2 Pancakes, 2 slices of Bacon, 2 Sausage Links, Hash Browns, and Toast. A great selection of a little of everything so fills you up and worth going for every time,” said Nicholas Dapkus, Graphic Designer.

“Breakfast was amazing! The ingredients are so fresh, and it really fills you up,” said Stephanie Swearington, Director of Operations and HR. “The staff were wonderful and the atmosphere was comfortable.”

“Breakfast cooked to perfection! I had the piled high Complete Breakfast Skillet with bacon, crispy potatoes, sausage, cheddar cheese, sausage gravy, and three eggs to top it off,” said Candace Arvin, Business and Client Development. “My compliments to the Chef who even came out personally to ask how our meal was. With impeccable service as well as friendly and knowledgeable staff, The Game will definitely be on my list to visit again!”

“The Chorizo Skillet was a delicious breakfast dish with just the right amount of heat, and the eggs were cooked to a perfect consistency, providing a rich flavor to the entire meal. The staff were courteous and the dining experience was fantastic,” said Peter Krivas, Managing Editor.

“The Game breakfast was really good, I had the most popular breakfast meal served there according to our waitress, called the 4 Deuces, and it totally hit the spot,” explained Justin Luna, IT and Web Developer. “The restaurant was surprisingly busy for an early time. I would highly recommend eating here.”

“The ‘Build Your Own Omelette,’ offered at the Game, has a wide array of delicious options. I went with bacon, chorizo, jalapenos and pepper jack cheese, easily the best omelet I've had in a long time,” said Cody Morse, Processing Editor.

The Life crew was clearly impressed with the hot breakfast offered at The Game. To give it a shot, stop by and experience it for yourself from 8-11 am Monday through Friday! Click here for more information!