Life Recommends: February 2015

By: Caitlin Vanlaningham Last Updated: February 5, 2015

valentine-teaIt's February. And do you know what most people think about during this month? Valentine's Day. It's all about showing love to those lovable people in your life. But do you know what you want to do for your Valentine? Do you HAVE a Valentine? Don't feel bad if you don't. You can show yourself some love because you deserve it. 

But what to do? Chocolates and flowers are the usual standby, but come on. That lacks thought. Give something different this year. Something unique and homemade, without going to all the work. Go to Blackbird Cafe. We Lifers have some ideas of what we would do for our loved ones using Blackbird Cafe as our platform, and we want to share them with you.

Deanna would show love to her grandma - I would share a cup of coffee with my Nanny (my grandmother). We both enjoy the simple pleasure of sharing a really good cup of coffee and Blackbird always has some of the best. Also, time spent with her are moments I cherish very much. If we are in the mood we could even get a yummy cookie since they always have really good ones.


Vicki would feed a friend - I would invite a friend to lunch, one that doesn't often take time for herself. Salads at Blackbird are Mary's creative canvas. All are beautifully presented and taste out-of-this-world. The one thing I would share for sure is the homemade giant Oreo cookie. So good! (I could eat one myself...but it's always nice to share!). Something nice to do with a's like sharing a secret.

Tate would also spend time with his companions - Reuniting with old friends is a wonderful experience; doing so over a warm, smooth roasted coffee from Blackbird is even better. Personally, I would give a delicious mocha latte to anyone who would share their time with me to catch up.

Anna sends love to her sister - I would take my sister to get her favorite breakfast food at Blackbird. She's a breakfast fanatic and loves their egg and cheese on a cinnamon raisin bagel breakfast sandwich. She makes these a lot by herself, so it would be nice just to let someone else make it for the morning.

Cait knows the way to her man's heart - I would give a dozen chocolate chip cookies from Blackbird to my guy. They are big and soft and most importantly, homemade. He's currently oversees and they will ship well, and he loves cookies. Plus, a dozen of these would suit him better than a dozen roses. The roses would suit me. ;)


Maureen and Neil sitting in a tree - I would give a large Blackbird Blend coffee to my husband, Neil. We both love strong coffee, and Blackbird always has lots of delicious coffees brewed fresh. I would get him Blackbird Blend, since it’s one of his favorites (and mine! I'd probably have to sneak a sip). It’s a great way to warm up and get the day started on a cold morning!

Gina would feed her little bro - I'd give Blackbird's fabulous ham and apple panini to my little brother. He's kind of obsessed with ham, and I could definitely see him appreciating the gooey smoked Gouda as well.

Jenny is thinking of all parties involved - I would give someone I love a few things from Blackbird Cafe. I would get that loved one a large Americano. Size large so they can share with me and Americano to stay warm and alert. I would also include a gluten free cookie. These are so delicious and will help anyone's day improve. I would complete all of this with a Blackbird gift card so when they are done with the cookie and coffee they can purchase any other great items and a cookie for me ;)

Chris is just a romantic, plain and simple - I would give a healthy smoothie to my wife, Natalie, because I want her to live forever; or at least one day longer than me.