LEAP launches new web experience

LEAP launches new web experience
By: Stacey Kellogg Last Updated: June 20, 2019

Just a few short months after the La Porte Economic Advancement Partnership (LEAP) officially came together, the organization has launched a new web experience serving clients, business professionals, and the community at large. Its name amply reflects exactly what they do: www.LaPortePartership.com

“We’re happy to put this new web content on the table to represent us an organization collectively,” said LEAP director Bert Cook. “It’s a culmination of efforts that show the dedication of our staff, our boards of directors, and all the different committees working on behalf of La Porte to pull our community forward.”

In February this year, the former Greater La Porte Economic Development Corporation and the former Greater La Porte Chamber of Commerce formed a new alliance, and thus a new identity: LEAP. The change happened with the support from both organizations’ boards of directors, and serves to build a high-functioning, multi-faceted economic development and business support center combined under one umbrella.

Cook said the new site combines the best features of the previous separate sites, with a few added benefits.

“We have a much better representation of our staff, boards, and committees, and it all adds to the accessibility we are trying to create for our clients and the community,” Cook said. “When you visit our site now, it’s very clear how easy it is to get in touch with any of us on the chamber or economic development sectors. We’ve worked hard to ensure that visitors will have increased access to the broader range of resources we provide now through this alliance.”

The site features demographics of the different communities served by LEAP, a property listing component powered by local commercial realtors who know the community better than most, and first-hand testimonials from business professionals and leaders who have experienced the services of LEAP. It also includes a community calendar that community members in general should find useful when looking for activities of all kinds in La Porte County.

Lindsay Jongkind, LEAP’s marketing and membership director, spearheaded the site development and launch. The best part: LEAP enlisted a highly-reliable local vendor, Duneland Media, for the site build.

“Duneland Media has been our partner on this project from the top to bottom. They did all of the design and assisted with the functionality as well. They were extremely efficient, professional, and cost effective,” Cook said.

Cook added that LEAP welcomes feedback on the new site, and on their services as well. “If people want to get involved with the new site, Lindsay is that point of contact.”

For more information about LEAP, their staff, boards, committees, and the wealth of information La Porte County offers to prospective businesses, visit the new site at LaPortePartnership.com.