Leadership La Porte County 29th Adult Session Has Begun

By: Monica Komasinski Last Updated: September 21, 2012

leadership-la-porte-countyFor the 29th year Leadership La Porte County has begun a new adult leadership class.  The class recently participated in a 2-day retreat at Red Mill County Park where they began their 9-month community leadership training journey. Twenty-seven citizens from throughout La Porte County will meet monthly around the area to discuss local issues, connect with community leaders, learn about La Porte County, and practice 21st century leadership skills and techniques. “It is always exciting and challenging to bring together a group like this and help them discover the county, themselves, and each other,” according to Leadership Executive Director, Monica Komasinski.

The opening retreat sets the stage for the next 9 months of seminars. The new class uses active methods of learning about the county’s geography, history, and traditions. Leadership skills such as team-work, collaboration, group dynamics, decision-making, visioning, networking, community trusteeship, and communication are also discussed and practiced. The new class also completes the Real Colors Personality Assessment. From that, they can determine their individual personality traits, those of their colleagues, and how to use that knowledge in human and small group interaction. “Real Colors has been a favorite for hundreds of our Leadership students. It has become a central theme of each class session, as well as a bonding element for our graduates,” according to Jim Jessup, class facilitator.

The class now meets one day each month to discuss issues such as local government, health care, social services, the criminal justice system, education, and economic development. The curriculum also includes a bus trip around La Porte County and a bus trip to the State Legislature in Indianapolis. Class members do extra-curricular activities such as attending public meetings, team community service projects, and riding with a County Sheriff’s Patrol Officer. After the year-long course, the students are better prepared take on leadership roles in business, government, education, non-profit boards, and be more productive community volunteers and activists.

Leadership La Porte County is a non-profit training organization that provides leadership training, information, and services to the area. For more information on the Leadership training contact Monica Komasinski at info@leadershiplaportecounty.com or call 325-8223.