Lake County WorkOne Re-Entry Specialist ready to help move people into work

By: Center of Workforce Innovations Last Updated: February 18, 2019

Lake-County-WorkOne-Re-Entry-Specialist-ready-to-help-move-people-into-workAccording to the Northwest Indiana Workforce Board (NWIWB), many who have been incarcerated and are released from the judicial systems are finding it challenging to return to the workforce. Debi Baughman, chair of the NWIWB, said that according to the Department of Corrections, reintegrating returning citizens into society, and helping create a path that provides them an opportunity to improve their lives in a sustainable way through work, is essential.

To address this issue, Richard Nash, who has been with the Northwest Indiana WorkOne system for several years, has taken on this position for Lake County. “My role is to ensure that we create an inviting and motivating environment,” said Nash. “Making sure that a returning citizen is actively engaged with WorkOne services during their job search and until employment is reached as the end goal,” he added.

WorkOne will assist at no cost, with employer readiness skills, up-skilling, developing job search skills, resume building, interviewing skills and other proficiencies related to obtaining, holding, and advancing in a chosen career, as well as job placement.

For further information on WorkOne re-entry assistance in Lake County, please call Richard Nash at (219) 981-1520, ext. 365. For general WorkOne information, visit