Lady Lifers Give Crispin Rosé a Try Just in Time for a Girls Day In

Lady Lifers Give Crispin Rosé a Try Just in Time for a Girls Day In
By: Jennifer Bissonnette Last Updated: March 1, 2018

Gearing up for a night with the girls always brings the question of what to drink. While traditional wines and champagnes are the usual, why not go for a different sort of treat and give Crispin Rosé a try?

To gear up for a relaxing day, whether that’s home with your significant other or relaxing with your gal pals, the Lifer Ladies were given a chance to try out Crispin Rosé by our friends over at Indiana Beverage and jumped at the opportunity.

A laid back feeling of luxury kicked in as we broke out the dusty carnation-pink beverage. Packaged like a beer or cider, but presented as your favorite rosé, this beverage was certainly a hit with the ladies.

“I am in love with the new Crispin Rosé! The bottles and color are adorable and the taste is great,” said Jenny Craig-Brown, Executive Team Leader at Ideas in Motion Media. “This is the perfect drink for a girls night in and all of my friends are going to love it as well. The flavor is so light and refreshing. You can taste all the great flavors just like a regular rosé but in my own individual bottle.”

Appearances are one thing, but to really get a feel, the ladies had to give it a taste. The beverage itself is created with apple and pear juices alongside rose petals and hibiscus. The beverage, actually a hard cider, did not disappoint as those who enjoy a good cider or a simple wine were both pleased.

“The Crispin Rosé is a very light, sweet cider, perfect for drinking with a couple of your close gal pals,” said Gina Cullen, Graphic Designer for Ideas in Motion Media. “It has just enough bubbly to remind you a bit of champagne, but the subtle hibiscus flavor makes it something truly unique!”

Certified as gluten free, this tasty beverage gives off just the right impression. For those looking for a crossover between the cider world and rosé realm, here’s your answer.

“The Crispin Rosé was really refreshing, and I loved the bubbles,” explained Stephanie Swearington. “I am not usually one for ciders, but this was really delicious. It reminded me of my own personal champagne. I would definitely recommend this for a Galentine’s Day.”

Crispin Rosé has been available since the first of the year and has already seen massive success. Don’t wait too long to try yours, this is sure to fly from the shelves as people discover the crossover beverage they’ve been looking for!