Labor Dayz Festival: The Fantastic Four Day Event in Michigan City

By: Jenn Eubanks Last Updated: September 1, 2012

In Michigan City, SummerFest’s Labor Dayz Festival has finally begun. With a location right by Lake Michigan, who wouldn’t want to come out for some food, fun and community interactions?

Washington Park has always been a striving place for families and fluent beach goers to gather together and enjoy beautiful weather. The Labor Dayz Festival is a perfect place to retire during your stay at the beach or relax after a full day of work. Anyone is invited to enjoy all the festivities occurring throughout this weekend and on Labor Day as well. 

“We strive to create a great time for visitors of all ages. Food venders, artist tents, local bands, and a few carnival rides will be up and running throughout our time here. Everything will be running smoothly and safely for everyone,” said Mike Hale, the Secretary of the Michigan City SummerFest.

A few entertainers that will be performing this weekend include The Difference (Merrillville), Spellbound (Michigan City), Moose Baton Corps (Michigan City), Soul Steppers (Michigan City), Lounge Clowns (Michigan City), Aftermath (LaPorte), Eddie Korosa & The Boys From Illinois (Chicago, IL), Marrakesh Express (Crown Point),Together Band (Munster), Downtime Live (Frankfort) and Pointin' Fingers, (Michigan City).

When the Labor Dayz Festival first began, it started on “wings and a prayer”, but now, it is an event full of dedication on the inside and out. Those on the SummerFest board wish to thank all the individuals who come out and support their local community each year.

“Our SummerFest events are a nice way to promote community activity. A lot of people do not realize how much Michigan City has to offer. Here you can meet important individuals who are staples in the community and experience new information you never knew existed. We all have common goals and strive to do what is best,” said Joe Doyle, the Chairman of the Michigan City SummerFest Board of Directors.

All of the Michigan City SummerFest events are run by committed volunteers who are pledged to do the best for their local residents and visitors. The Labor Dayz Festival is a wonderful three day event to enjoy a plethora of food and entertainment. Make sure you come out and appreciate the work of your local talents!

Follow this link to visit the Labor Dayz Festival event schedule!

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