La Porte Cruise Night Motors on Despite Rain

By: Kaitlin Edquist Last Updated: June 14, 2015

The rain did its best but couldn’t stop Downtown La Porte from another great community event in the heart of the city, as hundreds of people and classic muscle cars lined up and down Lincolnway for Cruisefest 2015. An event organized by the Downtown La Porte Antiques District.

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The event started at 4:00 pm, as families walked up and down the streets of La Porte, surveying the cars and taking part in bouncy houses, caricature art, and food galore. Walking in and out of the locally owned shops that line the unique streets of the Downtown and getting a feel for the city while also taking part in the atmosphere of the evening.

"This is our first year here,” said Danielle Glen who was there with the family. “We just happened to be in the area for the day and decided to stay in town and check it out. I was most excited to see all of the old cars. I want to see the classics. Seeing this many (of these muscle cars) in one area is pretty neat."

And for the classic car owners, the night was equally as special for them to show off the rides they often spent the whole year working on just to get ready for this one, special night.

"This is our first time ever,” said Neil Dreckman, owner of a sweet, 1971 Chevy El Camaro. “We have family in the area, and they told us about it. I just recently got the car, so we thought we'd come out and experience it. It's great; I love it. The way they shut everything down is wonderful.”

Shutting down in reference to the City of La Porte rolling out the red carpet for the cars and car owners to strut down the main street and show off their wares to the awed audience; a luxury that allows attendees and participants alike to fully immerse themselves in the gravity of the experience.

"It's great that the city comes together for this,” said Samuel and Lois Rubin, who moved out here from the West Coast with their 1990 Cadillac Brougham. “You don't see this in California.”

And while the cars were fast and fleeting, the memories of tonight will surely stand still in the minds of the attendees; like the roar of an engine on the first turn of the key on the first drive of a newly-tuned project car.

Here’s to another amazing Cruisefest 2015.