La Porte Chrysler Mechanics’ Experience Leads to Excellent Customer Satisfaction

La Porte Chrysler Mechanics’ Experience Leads to Excellent Customer Satisfaction
By: Kaitlyn Steinhiser Last Updated: May 5, 2017

Within the past few years, La Porte Chrysler’s service department introduced some new faces to its team of experienced, loyal mechanics. The crew of Kim Piotrowicz, Mickie Scherrbaum, John Michaels, David Pavnica, Mike Hogg, Kenny Dudley, Jagger Comstock, and Andrew Boes gets the job done while emulating La Porte Chrysler’s value for customer service.

Michaels, who has been working at La Porte Chrysler for 38 years, has seen La Porte Chrysler’s service department greatly evolve throughout his time as an employee and a customer. In fact, his favorite memory of his relationship with La Porte Chrysler is the day he got his license and was able to drive cars off of the lot at sixteen years old.

“We make progress every day,” said Michaels, “We always try to keep up with the times, we care about our customers, and we all work together.”

One of the newest members of the La Porte Chrysler service family, Jagger Comstock, has witnessed similar ideals just within his four months at the dealership.

“We are a family; we all help each other out. We take the very best initiative to diagnose vehicles correctly the first time and repair them the first time.”

La-Porte-Chrysler-Mechanics-2017_02If Comstock’s time at La Porte Chrysler is anything like Piotrowicz’s La Porte Chrysler career, then he is bound to make some great memories. Being an employee of La Porte Chrysler for 31 years, Piotrowicz helped stimulate the growth described by Michaels and was a part of some great La Porte Chrysler memory milestones. For example, Piotrowicz’s fondly remembers when the dealership won the lottery in 1996.

“[La Porte Chrysler] took home 72,000 dollars after taxes. I will never forget how happy everyone was,” said Piotrowicz.

Aside from making great memories, La Porte Chrysler also makes sure to teach their mechanics how to adapt to the rapidly changing auto industry. Scherrbaum stated that, each year, the department works with “new equipment and new techs,” which he said leads to “better service.”

This exposure to new technology and employees is thanks to La Porte Chrysler and MOPAR’s strong appreciation for certified technicians. According to Hogg, “The experience and certifications held by La Porte Chrysler mechanics separates us from the other mechanics.”

Together, La Porte Chrysler mechanics are able to use their shared experience and certifications to ensure that their customers are not only given proper vehicle diagnoses, but that they are satisfied with the service and family-feel of La Porte Chrysler in general.