La Porte Chamber Hosted 1st Annual Wine & Canvas

On Thursday night, the La Porte Chamber of Commerce put on the first annual Wine & Canvas event at Portofino Grill in La Porte. As everyone grabbed their drinks, they gathered around a slew of blank canvases for conversation and of course, a bit of painting.

“This is one of our first events that we’re doing just for fun,”  Ashley Hawkins, Director of Marketing and Communications for the La Porte Chamber, said.

A great deal of fun was had as these ladies grabbed their paintbrushes and got to work! Although they were following the lead of the head artist, each painting had its own flare and craftsmanship to it.

The room was full of laughter and pleasant banter while various tunes pumped out of the PA system in the room. Everyone was excited to be a part of this new, unique event.

“So excited to have new and different events through the Chamber,” said Gretchen Richey. “Hope we can get lots of participation with future events to bring the community together.”

The community came together for this event, bonding over a love for wine, art, and good times. If this is the first of more to come, then one thing is certain, more fun will be had thanks to the La Porte Chamber of Commerce.

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