La Lumiere School Holds Thanksgiving Food Drive to Benefit Catholic Charities

Thanksgiving-Food-Drive-2013Thanksgiving is all about food and family. Every year, Catholic Charities partners with local organizations to provide food for families in need so they can celebrate the holiday. La Lumiere School held a food drive to assist Catholic Charities and the students surprised even themselves with the success of their efforts when they filled two large vans to transport the food to Catholic Charities. Now the focus turns to collecting items for a Christmas gift drive for underprivileged kids.

Photo: Brian Caplice ’14, Long Beach; Heather Rosenblum ’14, New Buffalo, MI; Joseph Toye ’15, Chicago, IL; Alex Olesinski ’15, Roswell, NM; Liz Toye ’15, Chicago, IL; Jojo Anderson, Houston, TX.