Krueger, Safe Harbor Honored for “Bringing Home Nature”

By: Michigan City Area Schools Last Updated: December 3, 2012

Krueger Middle School and the Safe Harbor program were honored by the Shirley Heinze Land Trust at its annual “Bringing Home Nature Awards” luncheon on November 16th. Krueger and Safe Harbor were among six organizations and groups in Northwest Indiana that were recognized by the Trust this year for utilizing native plants in landscaping and helping to bring back ecosystems lost to development.

Krueger was recognized for its rain garden, which is just one element of the school’s new environmental studies focus. The garden features brown-eyed susans, monkey flower, blazing star, and many other native plants, which have attracted native insects and other wildlife. Nearby, a two-mile trail created by students and staff features 11 learning stations centering on birds, soil, plant life, bats, etc. A tree nursery, a butterfly habitat, and woodland and meadow restoration are all either completed or under way at the school.

Safe Harbor enrichment instructor John Tiedeman was recognized for his leadership in creating a native plant garden in the courtyard at Joy Elementary, and for the educational activities surrounding the planting. Spiderwort, purple cone flower, swamp milkweed, and rebeccia are just some of the many native plants at Joy, where students also planted and harvested watermelon and squash in hanging containers. The area even has nesting blue birds!

Thank you Krueger and Safe Harbor -- for "bringing nature home" to Michigan City Area Schools!