International Subaru of Merrillville’s line-up of cars and SUVs offer award-winning resale value

International Subaru of Merrillville’s line-up of cars and SUVs offer award-winning resale value
By: Curtis Hankins Last Updated: August 22, 2019

Any vehicle purchase is more than a practical way to get around, it is an investment, and few offer greater returns than Subaru. In the 2019 Kelley Blue Book Best Resale Value Awards, the Crosstrek, Legacy, and Outback, swept up three different categories.

These kinds of honors are nothing new to Subaru as 2019 marked the fourth time that the Legacy and Outback claimed KBB awards. The well-known consumer resource chooses the winners based on “driving dynamics, interior room and comfort, quality of materials as well as important considerations that include price, and 5-year Cost to Own.” KBB also analyzes things like warranty coverage, durability, and overall quality.

“Subaru is always striving to innovate their vehicles, they’re always taking that next step forward,” said Andy McNamara, Finance Manager at International Subaru of Merrillville. “That’s especially true when it comes to safety and all-wheel drive transportation. When you’re always striving to make the next car even better, not just putting out the same old car over and over again, that helps keep the value high.”

McNamara identified a key part of Subaru’s philosophy that helps keep resale value high.

“They don’t flood the market with their cars,” he said. “This way, you’re always getting a unique car. It’s not just another car you’d see down the street.”

Subaru vehicles are well-known for their reliability, affordability, and practicality, but the support network available to Subaru owners also plays a large role in retaining value.

“When it comes to things like Subaru’s extended service policies, they’re never overpriced,” McNamara said. “That way, if there ever is an issue, there’s always an inexpensive way to get it taken care of at a very low price.”

Those policies ensure that maintenance and repairs are done with 100 percent Subaru parts and also cover labor, towing, and rental car costs.

“They have policies for everything and they aren’t highly priced,” McNamara said. “When you pick up these policies, you’re not paying for highly expensive repairs out of pocket. This makes maintaining your vehicle affordable, which is always going to help retain your value.”

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