Indiana State Board of Education Approves Disbursement of Career Ladder Grant Money

By: Michigan City Area Schools Last Updated: April 15, 2020

The Indiana State Board of Education (Board) met virtually today for its April business meeting and approved the disbursement of additional career ladder grant money.

In total over $350,000 will be awarded to: Manchester Community Schools, Michigan City Area Schools, and Nettle Creek School Corporation.

In February the Board approved over $3.1 million in career ladder grants. The career ladder grant program was the result of a collaborative effort with the Indiana State Teachers Association, Teach Plus, and Stand for Children. The grant money was allocated by the Indiana General Assembly (IGA) during the 2019 legislative session. Because the total amount requested by the original 18 applicants did not exceed the amount appropriated by IGA ($3.5 million), the selection committee unanimously agreed to use the remaining dollars ($353,520) to offer additional grants to develop opportunities for teacher advancement. These are the dollars the Board awarded today.

“This grant program is a creative way to compensate teachers for their leadership efforts in schools and I am pleased to see the remaining dollars allocated. Not all veteran teachers want to become administrators, and these career ladder programs offer a chance to increase teacher salaries without them leaving the classroom,” said Pete Miller, Board member.

The Board will hold its next meeting on May 13, 2020.