Indiana Beverage fights the summer heat with spiked drinks, seltzers, and spritzers

Indiana Beverage fights the summer heat with spiked drinks, seltzers, and spritzers

We’re headed deep into another Northwest Indiana summer, so that means you’ve probably already broken out your grill, cleaned off your lounge chairs, and opened up your pool to enjoy a break from the Region’s long winter. Northwest Indiana isn’t lacking interesting beverages to make your summer a little more fun. Indiana Beverage is adding a few more concoctions to the mix with a new lineup of gluten-free spiked drinks, seltzers, and spritzers that they’re distributing to local stores and bars.

Indiana Beverage gave some of us here at GreatNews.Life a chance to taste test a few of the new drinks. Check out their impressions below!

Crook & Marker – Spiked and SparklingMade from organic super grain alcohol with zero sugar, zero carbs, and just 80 calories. Non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan.

Crook & marker taste test coconut pineapple

Stephanie Swearington: I found the Crook & Marker Coconut Pineapple beverage delicious. It took me to a tropical destination without leaving my patio. It wasn’t too sweet and tasted like I was sipping coconut water with a splash of pineapple. I’d definitely recommend this one on a hot day.

Kelsea Costello: It tastes like a day at the beach feels. I split this into a few glasses so my family could try it as well and we all instantly agreed we will have to pick up a pack of these soon to enjoy while soaking up some sun on the weekend.

Crook & marker taste test strawberry lemon

Stacey Kellogg: Organic super grain alcohol. Could it be you’ve found the superhero of summer drinks? The Crook & Marker Strawberry Lemon packs a super sweet punch despite the citrus part of its description. Not due to sugar, though. The sugar-free beverage is artificially sweetened, and I’d highly recommend replacing your summer barbeque dessert item with one of these. It’s refreshing, tasty, and has just the right amount of fizz to clear the palate.

Vizzy: A 5% ABV hard seltzer. The only hard seltzer available that has antioxidant vitamin C (20% of your daily recommended amount in each can). It’s gluten-free and made with superfruit acerola cherries.

Vizzy taste test pineapple mango

Kelsea Costello: This was also really good! I loved that it seemed to have a stronger fruity flavor than others I’ve tasted. All three types of the Vizzy seltzers are good in their own respects, but the Tropical Mango Pineapple flavor had me wanting another.

Tony Ketcham: Almost like a piña colada in a can, Vizzy seltzers are a perfect companion for sitting in general, but especially for sitting by the pool. 10/10, would sit with this again.

MOVOA new canned wine spritzer that’s gluten-free, no sugar added, and just 100 calories.

MOVO wine spritzer raspberry rose

Jenny Craig-Brown: The new MOVO Wine Spritzers are amazing! These are the perfect light and refreshing summer drink in a can! It’s perfect for outdoors, at the beach, and with friends. My favorite was the sangria, but I enjoyed them all.

Naphtalia Ruth: I recently fully committed to being gluten-free, so this is a wonderful light option with a great taste! It was mildly sweet and wonderfully effervescent!

MOVO wine spritzer blood orange sangria

Kayla Hofferth: The MOVO Wine Spritzer is a drink honestly made for me. As a newbie to wine products, I am still trying to get used to wines that are not super sweet. This spritzer was perfect for this. It has a sweet sangria taste, it’s not overpowering, and you can definitely taste the citrusy tang of the blood orange, which I absolutely fell in love with. Citrus is my thing for sure! I also loved the abstract designs on the can. It really fits the flavor of the spritzer in a super fun way. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a small, refreshing drink to wind down after a busy day.

Consensus around the office is that Indiana Beverage nailed it with their summertime lineup. Swing by your local grocer to find out if they have them in stock! To learn more about Indiana Beverage and their full lineup of products, visit