Indiana Beverage and GreatNews.Life recommend December’s must-have drinks

Indiana Beverage and GreatNews.Life recommend December’s must-have drinks

With the holidays upon us, so many Northwest Indiana (NWI) residents are choosing the best food and drinks to serve family and friends this season. 

Teaming up with Indiana Beverage, the GreatNews.Life staff recently sampled some holiday drinks that would brighten up any holiday get-together. 

For fans of stout beer, GreatNews.Life Editor Damon Modglin recommends Dragon’s Milk Bourbon Aged Stout. Brewed in Holland, Michigan, Dragon’s Milk pairs coffee and chocolate to craft this one-of-a-kind drink. Part of the Holland Brewing Company, Dragon’s Milk is aged for three months in bourbon barrels to craft the perfect taste. 

“I’m not really an alcohol guy, but Dragon’s Milk might’ve just become my go-to beer of choice," Modglin said. "A lot of strong ales have the tendency to overwhelmingly taste like alcohol, but Dragon’s Milk has a rich chocolate flavor that’s both warm and delicious. It’s almost dangerous how good it tastes.”

Another choice for beer drinkers this holiday season is Yuengling’s Bongo Fizz. Yuengling is America’s oldest brewing company and Bongo Fizz is its latest creation. Pairing traditional drafts with a mango flavor, Yuengling Bongo Fizz is like a vacation in a glass. 

"Bongo Fizz has the typical Yuengling taste with a subtle hint of mango to give it a refreshing taste. It's the perfect at-the-beach drink!” Content Team Manager Ashley Spargo said. 

Contributing Editor Lauren Grasham recommends Bongo Fizz as well. 

“I really enjoyed the Bongo Fizz drink,” Grasham said. “The mango flavor adds that perfect drop of sweetness to give it a delicious taste. Sometimes I'm a bit leery of alcoholic drinks because I prefer things with a sweeter flavor, but this is one I'd definitely recommend!"

If your holiday parties include seltzer drinks, GreatNews.Life recommends Smirnoff’s Red, White and Merry seltzer. Pairing traditional holiday flavors with Smirnoff’s quality ingredients, Red, White, and Merry rounds out the perfect holiday party. 

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