In Their Own Words: McColly Real Estate Agents Tell All

In Their Own Words: McColly Real Estate Agents Tell All
By: Kayla Belec Last Updated: March 23, 2018

Katie Wietbrock is a full-time agent with McColly Real Estate, as well as the office manager for McColly Real Estate’s DeMotte location. She described McColly as a “one-stop-shop,” a full service real estate company that has everything agents need to make both agents’ and clients’ lives more blissful. Wietbrock cited the large team at the corporate office as one of the many reasons working with McColly rocks.

“We have hard-working office administrators that help us daily, so that we can focus on our jobs and not just all the behind-the-scenes details,” Wietbrock said.

For instance, Wietbrock explained how the marketing team provides its agents with customizable flier programs, signage, and excellent branding to help their agents stress less on presentation and focus more on client relationships. Also on hand is a full-time legal attorney, who ensures agents are always up-to-date on legal and form updates, and Ron McColly himself, who always sees to his agents’ training, support, and compensation plans.

“With the education [McColly] gives us, we know a lot more than other agents, because we’re always staying ahead of the curve,” Wietbrock said. “And Ron is very generous with his agents.”

Michael Siwietz, a commercial real estate consultant whose office is based in Valparaiso, referenced the same factors as Wietbrock, from the in-house legal counsel to the professional brand marketing.

“Interestingly enough, the McColly colors—blue letters, framed in red and white—have become synonymous with Northwest Indiana,” Siewietz said. “We’re a big believer in billboards and signage to build brand, and those colors stand out in the Region.”

From a commercial property stand-point, Siwietz explained how McColly has the benefit of providing both buyer and seller representation in Indiana and Illinois. They also procure all of the specific details surrounding the property.

“We (commercial agents) speak a different language than a residential agent,” Siwietz said. “But what always holds true is the relationships we build with people. McColly has a wide sphere of influence; everyone knows someone. We have a great referral system.”

Siwietz continued, “What I’ve noticed about Northwest Indiana is there’s a great cooperation between competing commercial brokers. There’s an extremely friendly environment, despite the competition.”

Though Siwietz’s office is based out of Valparaiso, he praised McColly’s remote access capabilities.

“The nice thing about McColly is that we have access to all of their satellite offices through the use of electronic keypads, so we can work out of any office,” Siwietz explained. “It’s very progressive. We’re always up to date on the latest and greatest technology!”

A few examples of agent tech benefits include a GPS-enabled real estate app branded to the agent, search engine optimized agent websites, eMarketing campaigns and an intuitive CRM that enables agents to set their clients up with property searches, new listing alerts and more.

Jan Thomas, a McColly agent based in Chesterton, seconded the technology praise.

“McColly has always been on the cutting edge of technology in what they offer to their brokers,” Thomas said. “The company has had a state-of-the art website for over 20 years and continues to offer the latest online tools, which streamline how we interact with our clients.”

Thomas also reinforced the fact that McColly’s marketing team serves as a real leg-up for McColly brokers.

“An in-house marketing department is an amazing benefit in a business where visibility is key to success,” Thomas illustrated. “The marketing team is always just a phone call away to assist with all kinds of promotion.”

Echoing Wietbrock’s earlier thoughts, Thomas expressed gratitude for McColly’s consideration of its agents in terms of present and future compensation plans.

“I am so grateful for the company’s Deferred Compensation Program that is helping me save for retirement,” Thomas said. “I don't know of any other company that cares enough about their independent contractors to offer a contribution match helping them plan for their future."

Thomas especially loves how, despite its growing notoriety and influence, McColly is a family-operated business headquartered right here in the Region.

“McColly truly cares about the success of their brokers on a professional and personal level,” Thomas emphasized. “They are fully involved within the community and actively work for the betterment and progress of the area.”

Siwietz marveled at the education he has and continues to receive through McColly.

“I learn something new each and every day,” Siwietz said.

While Wietbrock loves working as an office manager, she said she doesn’t think she could ever quit selling houses to work in management full-time. She provided a simple and heartfelt reason for her dedication to McColly and her career.

“Selling is my passion,” Wietbrock stressed. “I have a pretty great job! Helping my clients realize their dreams—whether it’s buying or selling or moving to their next house—is probably my favorite part. Seeing the look on their face when they finally get to achieve their goal of homeownership…It’s kind of the American dream, you know?”