In Every Mile…

By: Deanna Grimes Last Updated: December 31, 2013

deanna-mileIn every Mile...

Every Monday morning as part of our team meeting one of us LIFERS shares something to motivate the group. This week it was my turn and my first time sharing something. I knew it needed to be relevant yet motivating in a way that I feel motivated. I found a video that really highlights the belief not giving up on you or your wildest dreams.

So let's rewind a bit... In September 2008 I started a journey that I was very unsure of... A weight loss journey. I've often said I don't know many journeys that are more difficult. In nearly 11 months my life was transformed. 45 pounds gone and a whole knew outlook on life... What could stop me now? What goals could I accomplish if I set mind to them just like I did my weight loss?

As part of my journey I began running. I have been asked so many times how I do it? I often respond with one foot in front of the other until I cross the finish line. If you have ever run any sort of distance race you know how mentally tough it can be. In fact the mental toughness can be the hardest part. You often have to concentrate on one mile at a time. Just like in my weight loss I have suffered set backs but it's always about pushing through and not ever giving up.


So just a few short months ago I took my own advice I took a leap of faith and joined the team at Ideas in Motion Media. When I was hired by Chris this is exactly the kind frame I set for myself. I told myself that not every "mile" would be great and if it wasn't I would push on to the next one. I believe in IIMM and the dreams that I have for us to grow. I believe in the dream and the only one who can stop me is me! I know there will be struggles, failures, mistakes and obstacles just like there are in running. The difference is just like in a race I won't allow anyone or anything to stop me from reaching the next mile.