IEDC Pipeline: Making Tracks

By: Indiana Economic Development Corporation Last Updated: June 12, 2014

IEDC-making-tracksLast month’s announcement that Anacostia Railroad is partnering with CSX to invest $90 million to upgrade commercial rail service between Indianapolis and Louisville, combined with Norfolk Southern's new $71 million investment upgrading rail lines in Northwest Indiana, are examples of what's happening in the Hoosier State to increase the speed and efficiency of our transportation networks.

Indiana's economy is growing and market demand requires increased rail capacity. We’re going to get there by working together, solidifying connections between customers and providers and creating our own solutions that show Indiana is a state that works.

Last week, Indiana was well represented at the annual Rail Summit in Chicago by many Hoosier business leaders and keynote speakers. It was clear at the conference that Indiana is unique in its approach to new opportunities for additional improvements to our rail capacity and connectivity.

Some states talk about their rail expansion plans, while Indiana is actually building new rail connections right here and right now. We are expanding because the market demands it and we’re doing it at the speed of business. Most importantly, we’re building connections between the private and public sector to create the delivery pathways of tomorrow.

It’s a great example of our collaborative business spirit in the Hoosier State, and more evidence that Indiana is a state that works.