Ideas in Motion Media Launches Third Good News Online Community with

By: Brett Fuller Last Updated: September 14, 2012

Ideas in Motion Media, publishers of and, have launched their third exclusively-positive online community network,, dedicated to sharing the good news stories of people, organizations and businesses throughout La Porte County.

The new online community network, encompassing the website, email newsletter and social networks, officially launched Wednesday, August 15, 2012, allowing users to access the full multimedia experience of stories, articles, photos and videos, all promoting good news throughout La Porte County.

“We are happy to be moving our message of good news east into La Porte County,” said Ideas in Motion Media Publisher and CEO Chris Mahlmann. “We are excited to bring the positive message and impact to the county’s larger communities in La Porte and Michigan City, and also to every community like Westville, New Prairie, Michiana Shores and beyond. There are good things happening and good people to tell stories about in every corner of the county. If it’s positive, we’re on it.”

“I’m thrilled for the addition of to the Greater La Porte Community and all of the opportunities that sharing positive stories throughout the region will bring. There have been numerous business strategies done on the power of positive thinking and focus, and I’m certain that this welcome addition of purely positive news will bolster, not only our collective community spirit and pride, but in turn our economy as well,” said La Porte Mayor Blair Milo. “I’m excited to continue working with all of the outstanding professionals at and have already seen the exciting effects this source of information is providing, and can’t wait to see how it will continue to grow!”

“ is a great opportunity for all of the communities in La Porte County, including Michigan City," explained Michigan City Mayor Ron Meer. “I would urge all of the La Porte County governmental agencies to utilize this website to promote the positive happenings in their communities.” is a network of a website, email newsletter and social media platforms through which users can share their positive stories, encompassing everything from sports photos, church and school newsletters, to stories about people doing good deeds within their community. is supported by marketing partners that believe in the power of positively connecting people and want to share their own good news.

“Porter Regional Hospital is proud to support the ‘Lifes’ – ValpoLife, PortageLife and most recently LaPorteCountyLife,” said Porter Health Care System CEO Jonathan Nalli. “By sharing the positive news throughout Northwest Indiana, Ideas in Motion Media is enriching all of our lives and helping us to better appreciate our great community.”

"The La Porte County Economic Development Alliance's partnership with has been wonderfully beneficial to our economic development efforts within La Porte County. We are constantly working to highlight the positive attributes of our community and it is very clear we get a much better bang-for-our-buck by using the LaPorteCountyLife team," explained Bert Cook, Co-Director of the La Porte County Economic Development Alliance. "I am constantly amazed at the number of people this organization touches and with their amazing responsiveness, this means our information reaches our targets more often and more rapidly than other media."

"LaPorteCountyLife, building upon the success of sister sites of ValpoLife and PortageLife, serves as an important outlet for all the great things going on in our region," stated Kathleen Szot, External Communications Specialist of NIPSCO Communications & Public Affairs. "We're glad to help them reach new communities."

With contributions coming in from over 100 groups and organizations like the Michigan City, La Porte and Westville schools, Leadership La Porte County, and the United Way of La Porte County, the website is already filled with good news across its business, sports, health, community, and entertainment sections, with photo galleries and videos produced featuring a variety of aspects of life in La Porte County.

“ is a great resource for good news, community events, and inspiring stories of local community heroes that make a difference everyday here in La Porte County,” said David Sisk, Manager of Community Investment with the United Way of La Porte County. “They always report on unique opportunities that benefit non-profits and are first-class when it comes to distributing the good news through various social media outlets. We cherish our relationship with and welcome their good news, energy, and help in spreading our message of “Better Together”.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to be partnering with, which delivers items of interest that many times are not reported at all in other media outlets," stated Kevin Kieft, President of the Michigan City Economic Development Corporation. “We think promoting the positive image of our community helps in attracting and retaining companies and workers and increases economic prosperity for the entire region.”

" is a wonderful outlet for Purdue North Central to spread our news and to promote all our events on campus. We appreciate its positive approach to news and events in the community. It is a great asset for all," stated Carol Connelly, Director of Media & Communication Services at Purdue North Central.

“I feel joining forces with LaPorteCountyLife is a great asset for any business,” exclaimed Tom Seely, General Manager at Pine Lincoln & Ford. “LaPorteCountyLife is the number one website for up to date positive community news in La Porte County.”

“Here at Northwest Athletic Club we believe that we can bring this philosophy full circle by working with ValpoLife and LaPorteCountyLife,” stated Nicole Caylor, Club Director at Northwest Athletic Club. “Together we can work toward making a brighter future for all the residents in La Porte County and Porter County by promoting positive lifestyles, events, and experiences.”