I Double Dog Dare You to Visit the Indiana Welcome Center for the Annual “A Christmas Story” Display

I Double Dog Dare You to Visit the Indiana Welcome Center for the Annual “A Christmas Story” Display
By: Taylor Irby Last Updated: December 23, 2016

“A Christmas Story” is already a magical holiday tradition, but the Indiana Welcome Center, located at 7770 Corinne Dr, in Hammond, really brings the story to life with its annual themed display.

Boasting six exhibits, the display includes animatronic figures acting out memorable scenes. To name a few, we get to see Flick struggle to get his tongue off the playground pole, view the burglar scene from one of Ralph’s visions, go inside the Higbee’s Department Store, and watch the installation of the famous Leg Lamp. The real scenes from the movie play beside each display to remind you of the classic story.

“It’s really interesting seeing these iconic moments from the movie come to life,” said Rashaad Cherry, an Northwest Indiana resident.

Along with the displays, special events are held to entertain people and to honor local heroes. Since the display was set up, there has been Wag Your Tail Wednesdays, A Major Event, A Holiday Market, and two contests to join: the Ugly Lamp and Write a Theme contest. There was also an “Oh Fuudge” relay race and an eating contest, which brought many smiles and laughter to the participants.

One event, Holiday for Heroes, was a celebration to honor local police, firefighters, EMS, military forces, and Hoosier Helpers. Those at the Welcome Center invited the friends and families of the heroes to view the displays during a special time.

Did you know that the narrator for the film, Jean Shepard, was born in Hammond? The City of Cleveland gets the credit for having the “A Christmas Story” house, but the inspiration for the story all came from Shepard’s personal experiences during his childhood holidays in Hammond.

“The people really love it,” said Erika Dahl, “We’re very proud to host this event every year.”

Dahl is the Director of Communications for the Wellness Center.

Hohman, Indiana? Who are they kidding? Hammond residents will know that Hohman Ave. runs through Hammond, and that this fictional city is really their own home.

The display will be open from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. on Christmas Eve, but will be closed on Christmas Day. Hurry in, the display leaves for the season Dec. 31.