How You Can Get Involved with Entertainment

EntertainmentArticleImage is a new community-based website, focusing on an exclusively-positive view on the people, places, organizations, and businesses serving La Porte County, Indiana. We look to be a central hub for all of the great information out there and tell all of the great stories of entertainment in La Porte County.

We are a small staff, and while we will be out at events and gatherings, we can’t be everywhere. We are always looking for folks to submit their content to us, no matter what the event. If you are involved with something that positively affects the community, we want to know about it.


  • If you are involved with a community theatre, let us know what shows you have coming up. Share the effort that has gone into a production.
  • If you work with a restaurant or are just a cooking aficionado, share a recipe with the community. Talk about a new cooking technique or method.
  • If you are an artist, tell the community about your work, whether it be visual or musical. Let us know about your upcoming show.
  • If you travel often, share your travel stories. Let others know about the places you've been, share in the joys of your adventures.
  • If you have a community party or event coming up, let us know. We can get the word out to the community about a benefit or charity that is occurring.
  • If there is anything you want to see on the site that we are missing, let the Entertainment Editor know. As long as it is positive and promotes the good in La Porte County, we'll share it with the rest of the community.

If you aren't a writer and want to send in or call us and tell us something short, brief, or cryptic, we'll turn that into an article for you. We want to start spreading the word about anything and everything positive going on in La Porte County!