Hospice Foundation raises funds to launch Pet Peace of Mind program for Center for Hospice Care fur-ever friends

Hospice Foundation raises funds to launch Pet Peace of Mind program for Center for Hospice Care fur-ever friends

Center for Hospice Care operates with one simple mission: “improve the quality of living.” The skilled staff and variety of programs ensure an all-inclusive approach to mission fulfillment, and soon, they hope to include beloved pets as well.

Every year, the Hospice Foundation’s Friends of Hospice initiative helps ensure Center for Hospice Care programs can continue to serve the community. This year’s appeal is somewhat different. Center for Hospice Care is asking supporters to help kickstart their upcoming Pet Peace of Mind initiative. Pet Peace of Mind is a national association that helps organizations like Center for Hospice Care build programs to keep patients and their pets together.

“Friends of Hospice usually focuses on initiatives and programming that the public might not be aware of,” said Hannah Nichols, Communications & Events Coordinator for Hospice Foundation. “This year, however, is unique in that we’re using Friends of Hospice to help get Pet Peace of Mind started. We are very proud to bring this program to our community to further our mission of improving the quality of living in our area.”

Pets are like family to so many of Center for Hospice Care’s patients, and the emotional support they offer is difficult to put into words. Yet for the patients and their families, caring for a pet on top of their other challenges is a daunting task.

“Center for Hospice Care chose to partner with Pet Peace of Mind because keeping their pets near them is very important to our patients, but they worry about their care,” said Mike Wargo, Chief Operating Officer of Hospice Foundation. “They may no longer be able to clean the litter box, take the dog for a walk, or go to the store to get food, and they may not have family members who can help. We find that we also have patients who worry about what will happen to their pet after they die.”

Once the program is active, Pet Peace of Mind will provide financial resources and volunteers to allay those worries. Volunteers will buy pet food, arrange veterinary appointments, and even arrange for a place that pets can call home if the patient dies or is otherwise unable to keep them.

“This program allows us to address all of these concerns and improve the quality of living for our patients by reducing their worry and stress about the care of their pets,” Wargo said. “Especially as our patients shelter at home, the comfort and friendship pets provide is more important than ever.”

With this year’s Friends of Hospice appeal, Hospice Foundation is hoping to raise $50,000 to get their Pet Peace of Mind program running.

“You can help us by being part of this year’s appeal,” Wargo said. “Your donation to this year’s appeal will help us establish Center for Hospice Care’s Pet Peace of Mind program, and care for our patients’ fur-ever friends.”

To learn more and contribute to the initiative, please visit foundationforhospice.org/ppom/.