Horizon Bank’s Wolves & Slicer Branches Promoting Financial Literacy and Rewarding Students Who Open New Checking Account

Horizon Bank’s Wolves & Slicer Branches Promoting Financial Literacy and Rewarding Students Who Open New Checking Account

For Horizon Bank, educating high school students across Northwest Indiana about finances and banking is an important part of their mission to anticipate and fulfill customer needs with exceptional service and sensible advice.

In an effort to get more involved with financial literacy and educating the region’s youth about banking, Horizon Bank operates two Horizon branches inside of La Porte and Michigan City high schools.

Since early 2014, the Horizon Bank/Michigan City High School ‘Wolves Branch’ has had an increasingly positive impact on both current and former students who have worked at the branch or been able to open accounts with ease. The skills that students and employees have learned are invaluable tools that will help them succeed throughout their lives.

Similarly, Horizon Bank’s ‘Slicer Branch,’ located inside La Porte High School, is providing students with similar valuable experiences that teach them the basics of banking, which includes knowledge and skills that will last a lifetime.

Horizon Bank works hard to educate students, customers, and the community about everything related to banking and finances. It’s a topic that has an impact on every Northwest Indiana resident, young or old, and for Horizon Bank, helping to grow the region through the promotion of financial literacy is something from which everyone benefits.

In an effort to reward students who seek to learn more and open a new checking account, Horizon Bank is giving students $20 after they follow a few easy steps towards opening their account and becoming more financially literate.

When students come in to open their account at either the La Porte ‘Slicer’ Branch or the Michigan City High School ‘Wolves’ Branch, they’ll be asked to read through a Financial Literacy Newsletter before taking a short quiz. After that, $20 will be deposited into students’ new account!

All you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Open a student checking account at the Wolves Branch in MCHS or the Slicer Branch in LPHS
  • Read the Financial Literacy Newsletter.
  • Take a short quiz.
  • $20 will be deposited into your account*

Students, stop by the ‘Wolves’ or ‘Slicers’ Horizon branch today to get started! To find out more about Horizon Bank’s ‘Wolves’ and ‘Slicers’ branches, or how you benefit from becoming a customer at Horizon Bank, go to: www.horizonbank.com/

*$20 gift will be deposited into the student checking account after verifying three transactions were completed (deposits and/or withdrawals made by student). These transactions must occur within 60 days from the account open date. One time offer. Offer available at Michigan City Wolves and LaPorte Slicer branches of Horizon Bank. Expires June 2018.