Holladay Properties Vice President of Development Ryan Kelly loves his work

Holladay Properties Vice President of Development Ryan Kelly loves his work

Dedication is rare today. Holladay Properties Vice President of Development Ryan Kelly knows that to be dedicated one has to be inspired.

In his 23 years at Holladay Properties, Kelly has been inspired every day, and he believes that this commitment comes from every angle of the organization.

“Twenty-three years have gone by so fast because I've done so many different things within the company,” Kelly said. “I’ve been given that opportunity with Holladay. The leadership is made up of incredible people that have great vision, and they really take care of their employees.”

Beginning his career with a degree in design and design architecture, Kelly began working for Holladay as a project designer.

“My role at Holladay really started with designing spaces for clients,” Kelly said. “As Holladay grew, our office grew. I got into managing projects from start to finish.”

Today Kelly and his team support development for real estate assets.

“We go into new markets such as extended stay hotels, commercial buildings, etc.,” Kelly said. “The opportunity arose to take on more of a leadership role last fall. I was excited for the chance to grow.”

Part of the appeal for Kelly is that his work always changes since Holladay Properties supports a variety of development needs. As the Vice President of Development, Kelly gets to learn and shift every day.

“Holladay has a large portfolio,” Kelly said. “It’s a mix of hospitality, industrial, commercial, and medical properties as well as multifamily apartments. There’s not one particular kind of real estate development that we'll focus on. It's kind of a broad, broad sweep.”

Another large appeal for Kelly is the community focus that Holladay Properties holds dear. A key part of its mission is to serve the communities in which they work. For Kelly, this service lens is critical to his success.

“Holladay has service weeks twice a year–in the spring and fall,” Kelly said. “We take an entire week off, and we'll pick different organizations to volunteer for. We also get paid time off for volunteering.”

When not at the office, Kelly is kept busy by his family. The father of three daughters, Kelly enjoys spending time with them and his wife outdoors. New to bike racing, Kelly has started entering races as a way to challenge himself. He also brings his design eye home with varied landscaping projects.

To learn more about Holladay Properties, please visit its website at holladayproperties.com.