Holladay Properties, hospital, city cut ribbon for NewPorte Landing Medical Office

Holladay Properties, hospital, city cut ribbon for NewPorte Landing Medical Office

In conjunction with the La Porte Economic Advancement Partnership (LEAP), Holladay Properties and La Porte Hospital celebrated the opening of the hospital’s new urgent care and primary care office at NewPorte Landing in La Porte with a ribbon cutting early Tuesday afternoon. The event marked the official opening of the first of many developments to come at NewPorte Landing, an area highly anticipated by all three organizations as well as the City of La Porte.

“We are so excited to open our new clinic and urgent care at NewPorte Landing,” said Ashley Dickinson, CEO of La Porte and Starke hospitals. “Guidance from the City, LEAP, and Holladay Properties has led us to this new area, and we’re excited to see how things come along in the near future. We have to extend a big thank you to Holladay Properties and their partnership in this development for making this possible.”

NewPorte Landing has been in the works for the past few years, the process of bringing it to life extending through several administrations. Mike Micka, Vice President of Development at Holladay Properties, has seen the process through from the start, and is excited to see those efforts culminate in this first building’s inauguration.

“I started working with the City of La Porte about five years ago on the whole development of NewPorte Landing,” Micka said. “As the developer of this project we got to know the folks from the hospital a little bit more and help them bring this building to fruition. They liked the location, and when we showed them the concept plans of what the development could look like they were intrigued by the growth opportunities in this area.”

“We were very intentional to select this site for these important services, as it promises to be a vibrant, growing development,” Dickinson added. “We’re looking forward to providing the same quality, convenient care our patients are accustomed to and are glad to be part of the NewPorte Landing project. It is also exciting to support the NewPorte Landing development and serve as one of the anchor services there. I look forward to watching its growth over the next several years.” 

“I can’t wait for the community to see what NewPorte Landing is going to look like here in a year, and what better cornerstone to start with than our partnership with La Porte Hospital,” Dermody said. “We’re so appreciative of our relationship with Ashley Dickinson and La Porte Hospital, and we’re excited for today and more developments to come.”

“The area we call NewPorte Landing has been a project for many, many years, and this is the fruit of all that labor,” added Bert Cook, Executive Director of LEAP. “We’ve had the pleasure of working with Holladay for years, and they have done a tremendous job as the developer in making this place the La Porte Hospital team’s home for the foreseeable future. They’ve been a great partner of the city and we’re excited to see that continue through the rest of this project.”

Though the process has been lengthy its results are well worth the wait. The new Urgent Care and Primary Care Center stands sleek and strong, a testament to years of outstanding work by Holladay Properties, ready to provide the highest level of care to patients and serve as the foundation of the up and coming NewPorte Landing.

“It’s been a very exciting process,” Micka said. “When Holladay first visited the site, we recognized NewPorte as a great redevelopment opportunity and worked through the environmental remediation required. It is awesome that NewPorte is now home to Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and this new 11,700 square foot building and more to come.”

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