Holladay Properties – Committed to Excellence in Service

Holladay Properties – Committed to Excellence in Service
By: Peter Krivas Last Updated: July 25, 2017

“Committed to Excellence in Service,” is a mantra that Holladay Properties takes seriously and applies in all aspects of their business practices. Recently, they wanted to show their appreciation to their vendors which is something other companies might, perhaps, overlook, but Holladay is always looking for new ways to improve and innovate the way they do business. They invited their vendors out to an appreciation event, a Nashville Sounds baseball game with a segregated area to enjoy the game.

“Just wanted to say thanks for the Sounds tickets. It was great seeing everyone we work with at Holladay!” said Tyler Baldridge of local Indiana company, Dyer Construction.

This sentiment was shared across the board with another vendor describing Holladay as a, “class act.” For Holladay, it was important to not only serve their tenants, clients and employees, but to extend their service excellence to those that serve them.

This event in Tennessee was a test to see how well received such a gesture might be, and indeed it was a welcome show of appreciation, so Holladay will be branching out to bring this level of excellence to their vendors in other markets as well over the next year.

Executive Assistant/Office Manager Marcy Coffman played a special part in carrying out that level of excellence with Jeff Ottman, EVP-Operations, saying, “Without her, our vendor appreciation may have been a t-ball game and the cheap bottled water from the convenience store.”

The event was anything but, and it provided a day of relaxation and fun; a welcome change of pace from the ordinary business dynamic.

“Please let Marcy know what a great time we had at the Sounds game the other night. Tell her the food was great (especially the cookies LOL) and the company was even better! We really appreciated the invitation and the great hospitality,” said Willis Keeton of N2 Interiors about the event.

To Holladay, it’s vital to not only make these gestures on the rare occasion, but to never be afraid to say an extra thank you or write an unexpected note or tell someone how much you appreciate them. It’s important to them that not only the companies and organizations they work with feel their appreciation, but that the individuals also feel that recognition of their hard work and dedication. “Commitment to Excellence” doesn’t stop at the artificial barriers other companies might apply, for Holladay, it’s a 24-hour job that knows no limitations.