Holladay Construction Group supports exciting projects throughout Region

Holladay Construction Group supports exciting projects throughout Region

Supporting every level of development, Holladay Properties and Holladay Construction Group work together to support clients throughout project development and ownership.

Clayton Trueblood, vice president of the Holladay Construction Group, believes that keeping the customer first is what makes his company thrive.

“We are a construction manager general contractor,” Trueblood said. “We keep the owners’ best interests in mind. Our motto, our slogan, is 'building solutions and creating relationships.' That’s something we do very well.”

Holladay Construction Group works with its clients from the design phase, into project management and through all aspects of construction.

“We are more than just managing the property,” Trueblood said. “We also ensure that we’re doing what the client needs. That's our number one priorities-happy client.”

Bringing a unique perspective to construction, the Holladay Construction Group approaches its work as an owner would. As both a construction and project management company, Holladay works with its clients to think past the initial development to the day-to-day business of operating a property.

Working throughout NWI, Holladay Construction Group is currently working with the Washington Park Zoo in Michigan City.

“We are working with Washington Park on their big cat expansions,” Trueblood said. “The tiger exhibit expansion should be done by spring.”

Another exciting project in the area is the Illiana apartment building in Whiting, Indiana.

“The Illiana building and working on it was a fun project,” Trueblood said. “It’s been completed for a few years, but it's a five-story, very tall building that was on a small site. This made it a challenging project, but it looks really good, and that was a nice feather in my cap when it was completed.”

With over 70 years of experience, Holladay Construction Group has more exciting projects on the horizon.

To learn more about the Holladay Construction Group visit its website at holladayconstructiongroup.com.