Highlight Article- Why I Love Being a Lifer- Steven Neville

By: Steven Neville Last Updated: February 24, 2015

SteveProfilePicConnecting the dots of positivity

There are not just two sides to every story in life; there’s an infinite amount. A million different sets of eyes see a single object a million different ways, and that’s a beautiful thing.

After all, life, as they say, is what we choose to see. And here at Ideas in Motion Media, I feel pride in working for a company that has made the choice to see the world in a positive light.

That’s the lens I have chosen to see life in as well.

It started as young kid growing up in Indianapolis. I lived in a cozy, suburban neighborhood and went to a small elementary school with all of my friends. At that age, the world was tiny to me. Everyone collected Sports Illustrated magazines, played Pogs, and drank entirely too much soda during sleepovers…and that was life.

That all changed at 15 years old, with two steps through the front door of my local high school. In an instant I was immersed in a new world of 4000+ kids from all walks of life. My perception of this small, tiny world I lived in shattered into pieces and I felt alone, surrounded by people I didn’t know.

It was right then and there when I had a choice: either let this overwhelming new experience swallow me whole, or embrace this new, larger world as an opportunity to learn, discover, and love.

I chose the latter.

I feel honored to have joined a crew of “Lifers” that have made that same choice to “go for it”, and step outside their comfort zones to discover the community of NWI, learn about the amazing people and businesses here, and take chances in order to do something greater than what they imagined they could do.

And while I have only just begun my journey as “Lifer”, I have already learned that the positivity is everywhere around this community; a never-ending scatterplot of individual dots of good news. And at Ideas in Motion Media, I take great pride in working with people who dedicate themselves to connecting those dots and providing the deserving stories of this community with a spotlight worthy of what they are doing.

Let the good news, roll.