Heels for Meals nets enough for 10,000 meals at 2019 Meals on Wheels event

Heels for Meals nets enough for 10,000 meals at 2019 Meals on Wheels event

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” 

True, but in the case of the highly-entertaining Heels for Meals event on Thursday, you gotta add men to that equation, too. Women and men alike converged wearing funky heels, silly socks, and fabulous flats and tennies all in the name of raising awareness and funds for Meals on Wheels Northwest Indiana. 

The annual Heels for Meals event brought together fashion, community, and fundraising under one roof at the Halls of St. George in Schererville. Prizes were awarded at the end of the night for the best heels, flats, socks, sneakers, and DIY shoes. In the meantime, guests participated in fun games and bid on raffle baskets while enjoying the candy themed games, food, drinks, and a chocolate fountain. 

“Overall the point is to have fun,” said Miranda Fishback, a volunteer and attendee of the event. “It’s a fun interactive way that people can help donate to the program. You can play games, have dinner, a drink – and it all goes to a good cause.”

“My girlfriend and I had a great time at the Heels for Meals event!” said attendee and volunteer Ann Sinal. “We especially loved the carnival games, and the kissing booth with the fireman and police officer giving out the Hershey’s Kisses was very enjoyable.” Kevin Brown from the North Judson-Wayne Township Volunteer Fire Department, and Lt. Steve Kellogg from the Hammond Police Department graciously donated their time for that feature.

This was the fifth year of the Heels for Meals fundraiser.

“This is a way for us to connect with future volunteers and spread the word about what Meals on Wheels does,” said Rachel Hurst, Director of Development for Meals on Wheels NWI. “That way, if they have a family member or a friend who might need the service, or even if they themselves need the service, now they know how to connect. It’s a way to spread the mission,” Hurst said. 

Heels for Meals 2019

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Heels for Meals 2019Heels for Meals 2019Heels for Meals 2019Heels for Meals 2019

Meals on Wheels delivers nutritious meals for those who are in need. The meals are hand-delivered by volunteers who establish a connection with the people in need. It’s not a delivery system, it’s a face to face wellness check as well. 

The Meals on Wheels NWI program has about 700 volunteers delivering kindness and a meal to five counties across Northwest Indiana. Yet, more volunteers are needed to handle all the prep work and actual deliveries in the community. 

“Sometimes it’s a pregnant woman on bedrest, or a child with disabilities, or someone who doesn’t know how to cook for themselves—we’re here to help everyone,” Hurst said. “With Meals on Wheels there is no one specific need—we are here for everyone who needs it.”

While the crown cheered, winners of the various competitions were announced. Jerri Tarceuch won the flat shoe competition, sporting a red, white, and blue shoe in honor of 9/11. Ester Lewis won for best socks, featuring the socks that helped her through a breast cancer diagnosis.

“My friend bought me these socks before I went into surgery, and to be recognized for wearing them is absolutely amazing” Lewis said.

Some of the other winners included Anastasia Smith for best DIY and Donald Kalina for most outrageous shoe. Corey Hecht won snazziest sneakers, and touted his winnings on his Facebook page afterwards. “I’m joining the finance committee of the Meals on Wheels of NWI and will be donating more time to help deliver meals to those in need,” he said.

Overall the night was a massive success, filled with food, drinks, dancing, and the most impressive shoes in the Indiana. More than 400 attendees raised enough for 10,000 meals for homebound individuals, including those with disabilities, pregnant women, people recovering from illness, and seniors in the community. Fundraising has never looked so fierce. 

You can find out more about the event, get involved, or donate at the Meals on Wheels here: www.mownwi.org.