HealthLinc offers quality patient care amidst pandemic through telehealth and drive-up testing

HealthLinc offers quality patient care amidst pandemic through telehealth and drive-up testing

In light of COVID-19, access to proper testing and medical care has become more essential than ever. The healthcare professionals at HealthLinc understand this, and are offering a multitude of new services, including drive-up testing options for COVID-19, strep throat, and the flu, allowing patients to receive proper care even during the pandemic.

“In addition to strep throat and the flu, this could also include items like A1C for diabetics, or blood pressure testing,” said Melissa Mitchell, Chief Operating Officer for HealthLinc. “We wanted to provide additional drive-up testing that helps support our telemedicine visits for those that need follow up tests.”

For COVID-19 testing all visits must be prescheduled to ensure the proper resources are available. For other tests, the provider will work with the patient during their visit to determine when they can come into the clinic for the necessary tests.

“We are not able to accommodate most ‘walk up’ testing as we have to be sure that any staff member performing the test has been completely outfitted in personal protective equipment,” Mitchell said.

Drive up testing and telehealth options have allowed HealthLinc to remain available to patients in the communities they serve throughout the pandemic, ensuring treatment and proper follow up care for those that need it.

HealthLinc drive-up testing

“It has also allowed us to maintain a safer and cleaner environment inside our facilities,” continues Mitchell. “Patients being treated for wellness care and other non-COVID-19 conditions can feel comfortable and know that they are in a protected space during their visit.”

HealthLinc specialists understand that telemedicine can be intimidating for those who have never used it before, don’t feel very tech savvy, or are concerned about the quality of the visit they will receive. HealthLinc is committed to making sure that each patient is well taken care of and prepared for their visit via telemedicine.

HealthLinc COVID-19 PPE

“Sometimes that means working with a patient in office, other times it involves walking them through the process over the phone,” Mitchell said. “Even when there are bumps in the road, we still find a way to get the patient what they need and ensure they are prepared for their visit.”

At HealthLinc, the patient always comes first, and providers are consistently seeking out the best methods of care for those they serve, especially as the pandemic continues.

“We are constantly learning and improving how we deliver care, and we implement new systems and improvements as they become ready,” Mitchell said. “We want to take care of people, especially those who are at high risk during this time, and telemedicine is a great option.”

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