Healthcare Foundation of La Porte’s 2018 Grant Cycle 1 Totals $918,626

Healthcare Foundation of La Porte’s 2018 Grant Cycle 1 Totals $918,626

The Healthcare Foundation of La Porte (HFL) is proud to award $918,626 in funding to local organizations who applied during Grant Cycle 1 of 2018. A total of 28 grant projects submitted by 22 La Porte organizations were approved for funding this grant cycle. Each project promises to make an impact in one of HFL’s three strategic focus areas (Healthy Children, Healthy Minds, Healthy Living) or contribute to the overall health and wellness of La Porte (Healthy La Porte).

Grantees received their 2018 Grant Cycle 1 awards in June, and their projects will run from July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019. HFL has adopted two grant cycles per calendar year starting in 2018. Applications for the 2018 Grant Cycle 2 were due June 29 and are currently being evaluated. Awards will be announced in early November. HFL anticipates awarding more than $6 million to projects in La Porte in 2018.

“We are excited to see so many projects and ideas coming to life in La Porte,” said Maria Fruth, HFL President and CEO. “Our next step will be bringing people and organizations around the table to focus on key areas where we can create strategic programming that will really move the dial and impact change. Our first focus areas will be children’s health and drug prevention.”

This is the second round of grants from the newly established foundation. HFL awarded $2,463,107 in funding to 61 grant projects from 44 La Porte organizations in November of 2017. These programs are currently ongoing, and HFL looks forward to seeing the results of these projects after their first year of implementation and/or expansion through HFL grant funding when they submit their final reports in November 2018. HFL’s grant awards total $3,381,733 to date.

Grant Applications will be available again during quarter one of 2019, and local organizations who have ideas for programs and services related to health and wellness are encouraged to apply. For more information about HFL’s grant applications or the 2018 Grant Cycle 1 awards, visit or call 219.326.2471.

HFL is a nonprofit, independent, private foundation dedicated to empowering our residents to live healthy and well in and around La Porte to achieve our vision of becoming one of Indiana’s top 10 healthiest communities by 2030. This foundation was initially funded in March 2016 from the proceeds of the sale of La Porte Hospital.

2018 Grant Cycle 1 - Grant Types and Recipients

Healthy Children (Strategic Grants) - $288,032
The health of La Porte’s children is one of our greatest priorities. The lifelong benefits of good childhood health, for both individuals and communities, have led us to identify Healthy Children (prenatal to end of high school) as an HFL Strategic Focus Area.

  • Family Advocates, Inc. - Teaching Wellness During Supervised Parenting Time $17,736
  • La Porte Hospital - La Porte Community School Based Health Clinic $202,690
  • La Porte Hospital - Lil Fish ClubTM $67,606

Healthy Living (Strategic Grants) - $378,176
Obesity and weight-related chronic disease are severe obstacles to a person’s ability to live a long and fulfilling life. The many negative consequences of unhealthy weight, poor diet and physical inactivity can lead to serious health risks, greater medical costs and a lower quality of life. We are committed to reducing the negative effects of poor physical health and its impact on our community and therefore identify Healthy Living as a Strategic Focus Area.

  • Bethany Church - LaPark Playground Renovation and Additions $25,000
  • City of La Porte Park and Recreation Dept - Soldiers Memorial Park Renovations Phase I Planning $20,000
  • City of La Porte Park and Recreation Dept - Outdoor Fitness Court $115,000
  • La Porte County Emergency Medical Service - Video Laryngoscopes $37,500
  • MSD of New Durham Township - Westville Wellness Initiative $23,204
  • New Prairie United School Corporation - New Prairie Empower Hour $147,472
  • The Social and Learning Institute for the Disadvantaged - The Social & Learning Institute Health & Wellness Program $10,000

Healthy Minds (Strategic Grants) - $43,000
Behavioral and mental health are a vital component of a person’s well-being. Mental health disorders, substance abuse and tobacco use negatively impact overall health and quality of life and can place a burden on entire communities. The negative impact of mental illnesses and substance abuse on our neighbors and our community has led HFL to identify Healthy Minds as a Strategic Focus Area so that we can support programs that focus on the prevention and treatment of mental and behavioral health issues.

  • Citizens Concerned for the Homeless - Keys to Hope Community Resource Center Case Manager $24,000
  • Family Advocates, Inc. - Decreasing number of abused and neglected children waiting for Court Appointed Special Advocate $19,000

Healthy La Porte (Responsive Grants) - $209,418
HFL identifies health as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” as defined by the World Health Organization. We recognize that wellness is the “active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence” and the six dimensions of wellness are emotional, occupational, physical, social, intellectual and spiritual as developed by the National Wellness Institute. Healthy La Porte Responsive Grants meet our community’s health and wellness needs that fall outside of the three Strategic Grant Areas and demonstrate a connection to HFL’s mission and vision.

  • Arts in the Park - Dennis Smith Amphitheater Expansion Project $25,000
  • Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Gary - Lifeline Utility Assistance for Families and Individuals $7,707
  • Citizens Concerned for the Homeless - Grace Learning Center's Nurturing Parenting Program $3,912
  • City of La Porte Police Department - La Porte Police Department AED and First Aid Equipment Program $12,565
  • Kingsbury Elementary School - Kingsbury Healthy Families: Back-to-Basics $4,135
  • La Porte Community School Corporation - LPCSC: Slicer Champions School-based Mentoring Program $20,756
  • La Porte County Symphony Orchestra - Children's Education Concert $15,000
  • MSD of New Durham Township - Westville Little School $24,999
  • North Central Community Action Agencies - Children Vision Screening Program $8,000
  • Reins of Life, Inc. - Equine-assisted learning for South La Porte Special Education Cooperative $22,844
  • South LaPorte County Special Education Cooperative - ICU--Individual -Creative and Unique Making a Difference One Life At a Time $15,000
  • Stepping Stone Shelter for Women - Transitioning from Violence to Safety $10,000
  • The Singing Company of LaPorte County - The Singing Company of LaPorte County Children's Chorus $2,000
  • United Way of LaPorte County - 2018 La Porte Community Schools Kindergarten Countdown Camps $10,000
  • Unity Foundation of La Porte County, Inc - Vibrant Communities of La Porte County $25,000
  • Yana Service Club, Inc. - Handicap Access Ramp $2,500