He Will Be Missed

By: Karin Woodside Last Updated: January 30, 2014

Over six years ago, the face of healthcare in Porter County began to change, when Jonathan Nalli stepped into the role as CEO of Porter Health Care System. On January 30, 2014, employees of the health care system gathered at Porter Regional Hospital to share their good wishes and good byes, as Nalli makes the move to St. Vincent Health in Indianapolis.

Under his direction, Porter Health Care System has seen great growth, including the building of Porter Regional Hospital on the north end of Valparaiso and the relocation of existing patients, a move that was accomplished in under half a day.

In addition to the hospital transition, Porter Health Care System has achieved great advances in healthcare under Nalli’s leadership, with the creation of the Center for Cardiovascular Medicine, the Cancer Care Center, and the Center for Women’s Health, all located on the campus of Porter Regional Hospital. Over 50 new physicians have been added to the health system, providing greater access to quality healthcare than ever before.

At a reception held in the Community Room of the hospital, a steady stream of Porter employees filtered in and out, shaking Nalli’s hand, sharing their memories, laughing over fond moments, and wishing him well for the future. A beautiful photo montage played in the background, offering more positive encouragement for his future endeavors. Every associate who dropped by had nothing but wonderful things to say about their time working with Nalli:

He really is an inspiration to the whole hospital, not only his knowledge in running a business but his personal relationship with people is above and beyond what I ever expected of my CEO,” shared Angie Scheuer, Nurse Manager for Units 3200 & 3300. “That’s something we all treasure and that’s what’s going to make us miss him a lot.”

I think he’ll be known in the community for the move but for those of us here, he’ll be known for changing a culture,” said Lisa Stemler, Nurse Director for Orthopedics & Oncology. “He really made it a place worthy, the way people treat each other, the way we focus on patients, and the way we do everything, it’s all different now because of him. We’ll miss him tons.

He’s a really good leader. I think he’s made lots of positive changes in the hospital,” stated Amanda Price, Associated Health Nurse. “He’s always had a very positive outlook. I think people end up following suit, they see his attitude and it really runs over to everyone else.”

I started off as an intern, and learned a lot from him. I really appreciate the time he has taken,” said JaLeessa Buggs, Associated Wellness Specialist. “He’s really knowledgeable; he knows everyone’s name which is very impressive. I’m going to hate to see him leave.”

Jonathan has been very nice, very approachable, available to us all the time,” stated Dr. Ranga Kota, Gastroenterology. “Any problem we had, we go to him, he’d take care of it. He’s ready to take care of it. We’re going to miss him!

Working with Jonathan has been very unique. He has brought out the best in all of us,” shared Dr. William Nowlin, General Surgeon. “It has been a privilege to work with him at Porter Regional Hospital. We hate to see him go but know he’s going to do well.

He’s brought his charismatic southern charm here to Porter. He’s made a lot of friends and a lot of memories here,” said Shannon Eagen, RN, Room and Nursing Supervisor. “He’s had a tremendous impact on not only the hospital and employees but the community as well.”

Even as he is excited to take this next step, Nalli remains incredibly positive about the future of Porter Health Care System.

It is very bittersweet," he said. "Overall, the greatest part is that I truly believe 100% this institution is better, it’s more viable. I think the next CEO, in corporation with the board, is going to have the opportunity to pick up the pace even more and gain more momentum with it and I’m excited and can’t wait to see the effects of that. I’ve enjoyed every bit of my time here. This place will live on in my heart for all of eternity.”

Overall, the main thought rings clear: he will be missed.