Hasse Construction, Inc. completes Hammond Family YMCA’s total renovation

Hasse Construction, Inc. completes Hammond Family YMCA’s total renovation
By: Curtis Hankins Last Updated: August 23, 2019

The Hammond Family YMCA, Hasse Construction, Inc., and the City of Hammond celebrated the completion of the historic branch’s multi-million-dollar renovation with a dedication.

The makeover, overseen by Hasse Construction, Inc. and funded by the Dean and Barbara White Foundation alongside of the City of Hammond, is an almost total renewal to the Hammond Family YMCA. Featuring new rooms, expanded workout facilities, enhanced lighting, equipment, and a completely revitalized fitness center, the completed design offers an almost entirely new experience for YMCA members.

“It’s a tremendous change from what it was,” said Mike Whitehead, Jobsite Superintendent for Hasse Construction Inc. “This facility hadn’t been remodeled since the 70’s, so it’s definitely a much-needed uplift. It feels great to have it completed, I love seeing the finished product.”

Almost every YMCA is a cornerstone of its respective community, and that is especially true for Hammond according to Mayor Thomas McDermott Jr.

“People from all over the city use this facility,” said McDermott. “Kids go to school and come here to use the Y after school, there’s day care here, people learn how to swim here, they play sports here, and they work out here. This is our community, so to see us take that asset and improve it and make it as beautiful as we have is just spectacular.”

This particular project represented more than just work for Bill Hasse, Owner of Hasse Construction, Inc. It was a special development on a personal level.

“We’ve been involved with the Hammond area YMCA since the early 80s-- our kids learned to swim here, and I used to be on the board here until the early 90’s,” Hasse said. “Since I was a part of that fundraising board, I know how tight the budget was here to continue providing services needed by the community. It’s great to see so many donors and investors willing to invest in communities like Hammond and their YMCA to give it a first-class look and feel.”

Emily Ellison, Executive Director at the Hammond YMCA, joined the team while construction was underway and saw the building transform into a state-of-the-art facility. She highlighted just how important the upgrades made by Hasse Construction, Inc. are to their membership and the community at large.

“We now have the opportunity to make a difference to transform more lives for our community,” Ellison said. “With an updated Y and renovated building, we have the ability to double the amount of people we can serve. We’ll offer more youth programming, more swims, more sports and more programs to engage kids.” To learn more about Hasse Construction, Inc. and their community projects, visit www.hasseconstruction.com.