Hartman Global IP Law celebrates 30th anniversary

Hartman Global IP Law celebrates 30th anniversary

Sometimes even the smallest of seeds can grow into something magnificent and prosperous.

For 30 years, Hartman Global Intellectual Property Law has earned a reputation of being reliable and treating both its clients and employees with high regard and respect. Despite its small beginnings, the Valparaiso-based intellectual property firm has made a name for itself in the industry.

“Every year we have grown,” said Domenica Hartman, who co-founded Hartman Global IP Law alongside her husband, Gary. “We’ve always had a little more each year than the year before as far as clients, and I think the firm’s prestige has spread through really positive word-of-mouth.”

Founded in 1990, Hartman Global IP Law has been expertly navigating clients through the complex process of protecting their inventions, works, and branding around the globe. They are passionate advocates of innovation who have assisted more than 100 organizations from Fortune 500 companies to universities to small businesses, start-ups, and individuals across a wide range of industries including mechanical engineering, and computer technologies.

“We have great longevity with our clients, some for almost all 30 years,” Hartman said. “We are treating them the way they want to be treated. One thing that always stands out is when we have a client who has worked in areas like Chicago and they’re always stunned at how much work we have here in Northwest Indiana.”

Hartman pointed out that while their office is small, their staff is happy and stays a long time. She believes in the importance of family life and explained that she often encourages the employees to put their family at the forefront.

“We are truly a family,” said Hartman. “We are small enough to know everybody around the office really well but we also have boundaries. We’ve always tried to cultivate a positive work-life balance. A happy employee is always going to be productive.”

As to what to expect for 2020 and beyond, Hartman had a simple but encouraging response.

“As far as what we have planned for the future, we are probably just going to keep doing what we do best: doing good work and maintaining a strong, healthy work environment for our employees. And of course, keeping our clients happy,” Hartman said. “We want people to succeed, and we want to see people move forward with their ideas. And we are going to do our absolute best to get them there.”

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