Handmade treasures by local artists available at Lubeznik’s Gallery Shop

Handmade treasures by local artists available at Lubeznik’s Gallery Shop

From jewelry, ceramics, glasswork, and more, Lubeznik Center for the Art’s Gallery Shop is filled with treasured keepsakes and memorable gifts for most any occasion. 

Lubeznik is a proud supporter of local artists and loves to incorporate their work into the center wherever possible. At its Gallery Shop, a Lubeznik staple since 1980, visitors can find and purchase all handmade creations from Region creatives, all at an affordable price.

“It's a really great place to find unique items from local artists,” said Marketing Manager Samantha Bean. “We wanted to highlight local artists while buying art at a reasonable price. Not everybody can buy 1000s of dollars worth of artwork in the gallery, and we wanted a price point that is more realistic and attainable for everyone to participate with.”

Lubeznik members can also purchase items from the shop at an even lower price, and all it takes to become a member is a small, one-time fee.

“Our gift shop has a great benefit for our members,” Bean said. “All of our members get 10% off all of their purchases throughout the year. It's really easy to become a member - for as low as $30 you can become a member, and depending on what you buy in the gallery shop, it can cover your membership.”

Curating and operating the shop is an art of its own. Gallery Shop Curator Rose Tejeda is the one who makes all the magic happen, and works with the artists to make sure the shelves are stocked with the most spectacular of pieces.

“It’s all up to Rose. She works with local artists, picking out items, picking up artists, really curating the shop to be something really special,” Bean said. “She is constantly changing out and moving around and getting new items in.”

The newest set of items is arriving soon on November 12, as Lubeznik kicks off its Holiday Artisan Market season.  

“We have this wonderful Holiday Artisan Market where our inventory more than doubles and spills out into the lobby,” Bean said. “We have even more artists making more awesome items that people can purchase. We have our Gallery Shop, and we have a bunch of items in there. Then, during the Artisan Market, we take over the lobby of Lubeznik as well. There’s just tons more things to buy and we add in a few more artists.”

The holiday market was established as a fun addition to bring about some holiday cheer while also providing those in the area with something fun to do inside during the colder months.

“It's just something we are excited to do,” Bean said. “The holiday and winter season can be a little slow, and everything's looking for that perfect gift or that unique gift. We definitely have that for everyone.”

The holiday market lasts until January 6, and the Gallery Shop itself is open year-round. So no matter the occasion or who it is you’re shopping for, your ideal gift awaits within the walls of Lubeznik.

“We have all sorts of items in our Gallery Shop; there’s something for everyone,” Bean said.

For more information on Lubeznik Center for the Arts, visit lubeznikcenter.org