GreatNews.Life makes first of many introductions to the Michiana community

GreatNews.Life makes first of many introductions to the Michiana community

On March 28, 2024, GreatNews.Life kicked off the first of many introductions to the Michiana and South Bend community. GreatNews.Life has spent 15 years providing Lake, Porter, and La Porte counties with positive-only news, and with that momentum, GreatNews.Life is spreading the word and mission of promoting positivity in the Region by expanding to the Michiana area.

“I started this company with a dream and a drive to see more positive things spotlighted in the place I call my home, the place that I’ve chosen to raise my family, the place that I’ve chosen to send my children to school, the place that I’m proud to represent,” Founder and CEO Chris Mahlmann said. “I called my wife and told her we’re starting a positive only news company, and that’s just what we did.”

GreatNews.Life launched Valpo.Life in March of 2009 to start spreading the word of positivity to the Valparaiso community and hasn’t stopped since. Since 2009, GreatNews.Life has launched three more sites (NWI.Life, Portage.Life, and LaPorteCounty.Life). Mahlmann is excited to launch the fourth LIFE SITE in a new territory: Michiana.Life in 2024.

Long term partner of GreatNews.Life Center for Hospice Care graciously hosted GreatNews.Life, other current partners, and Michiana community members and leaders. The room was filled with the smiling faces of people from the Region that support the power of the mission of promoting positivity throughout Northwest Indiana.

“As a first responder, I know what it’s like to live in an area and only see the negative news portrayed in the place I call my home,” Chief of Michigan City Police Department Marty Corley said. “I believe in the power of great news and what it can do to a community and the people who live there. GreatNews.Life does just that.”

GreatNews.Life was surrounded by so many wonderful words and support of current partners like Michigan City Police Department, Community Healthcare System, Surf Internet, Larson-Danielson Construction Company, Chester, Inc., the La Porte Economic Advancement Partnership (LEAP), and host Center for Hospice Care.

The room soon filled with stories of how much a partnership with GreatNews.Life means and what GreatNews.Life is able to provide the community and the people in it. Current partners talked with community members from the Michiana area about what they can look forward to in partnering and believing in the spreading of positive news that GreatNews.Life promises to bring to the area.

“I’m happy to welcome Chris, Jenny, and the GreatNews.Life team to this area. They’ve been a great crew that we look forward to welcoming and partnering with both here in Michiana and in the counties they currently serve,” WNDU Vice President and General Manager Ron Bartholomew said.

The GreatNews.Life team’s hearts filled with warmth from the welcome and support shown on this day. Local community members and leaders of the Michiana area (Cynthia Penaloza from Boys and Girls Clubs of St. Joe County; Matt Lentsch, Executive Director of Development and Governmental Affairs from the City of Mishawaka; Andrea Ledbetter from Logan Community Resources, Inc.; Jim Pinkerton from Indiana University South Bend; Ron Bartholomew & Alexis Ebel from WNDU; Jennifer Smith, Director of Communications and Project Management for Mishawaka School Systems; C. Todd Cummings, Superintendent for South Bend Community School Corporation) filled the room and welcomed GreatNews.Life with open arms.

GreatNews.Life is looking to the future of expanding the positive mission that started the all-positive news network, and Michiana.Life is the next step in making that happen. Stay tuned for our upcoming events in South Bend and Elkhart and our full launch this summer.